Modesty and Cats


Men, not only do we have a responsibility to our children. We also have it to our pets. You may think posing topless next to your pet is harmless fun, maybe even cute. But it isn’t. Cats are stereotypically known as furballs of hate and murder. This is why. Zack, no one wants to see your nipples. Least of all fluffy. That cat has seen some things and I pray she may recover.


Strategic placement of that poor cat doesn’t take away from the fact that you’re topless.
I ask why must our young men blemish their skin with such ugly ink? It seems you are also wearing boxers. Pants are always a must.

Men, if you feel compelled to pose with your cat, I suggest following the young man above’s example. He’s wearing a simple white shirt AND he expertly matched his outfit to his pet. Smart and modest!

Modesty and Cats

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