Food goes IN your Mouth

At Mandesty, we’ve discussed immodest men and cats, dogs, birds and even clothes. But readers, I never thought I would ever have to discuss modesty and food.

Sir, wouldn’t you rather taste modesty?

Immodesty isn’t Sweet!

Sir, sir. I think you misunderstood the term “Netflix and Chill”.

I’m very confused.


Young man, I’m not even going to attempt to make sense of this. But I assure you, Bessie wasn’t milked so you could do whatever it is that you’re doing to those milk jugs.

Got Immodesty?
Food goes IN your Mouth

If You Have Crohn’s Why Are You Fat?

CN: Discussions of Weight and Medical Conditions

Every once in a while, someone will stray far enough from the trail of courtesy to ask me why I am overweight. Crohn’s is known to cause extreme weight loss, so my weight must be a sign that I’m not actually as sick as I say I am. This is part of the danger that exists when people who have no experience with medicine, laymen, pretend to be medical practitioners or to have knowledge of health. Their understanding of various illnesses is superficial at best.

It is true that Crohn’s causes weight loss. It does so in large part because the patient loses the ability to digest food. This happens because the intestines, which are responsible for a significant portion of human digestion, are so inflamed and ulcerated that nutrients are unable to pass through into the bloodstream.

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If You Have Crohn’s Why Are You Fat?

The Catch 22 of Disabled Dependence

When I wrote about eugenics, one of the commentators said something along the lines that their decision of whether or not to bring a child to term would depend on their ability to be independent.

I understand the impulse. As parents, you take care of a child with the expectation that one day, they won’t need you anymore. Yes, they will always be your baby and hopefully you will always be there for them, but still you expect that one day they will be on their own.

Facing the prospect of being a primary caregiver for the rest or your or your child’s life can be daunting and scary. The problem is that the ability to be “independent” is not something that can be determined in utero. It’s not even something that can be conclusively determined during the child’s development.

Take functioning labels for example. Many autistic adults actively campaign against functioning labels for autism because they are not accurate. A person may present as high or low functioning in different moments throughout their development and even throughout the day. There is a great article where two separate people are described: one a well-organized independent person who is able to effectively care for themselves, and another is described in the middle of what some would call a tantrum. Where they are overwhelmed with sensory input and unable to communicate let alone function. The two people are later revealed to be the same person just at different times.

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The Catch 22 of Disabled Dependence

Clothed Immodesty

Readers, many men think that by simply covering up, they’re engaging in Mandesty. Unfortunately, that is not the case. As we’ve discussed before Modesty is also about your attitude and how you carry yourself. But Modesty is also about WHAT you wear.

Sir, those pants are too tight! Please, think of your future children and let that area breath!

What is going on with those sleeves?


Here we have the reverse problem. OK pants, but the shirt, sir. That V-neck isn’t modest. No one will look at your eyes.

What is the point of suspenders?
Why bother wearing clothes at all, young man?!

As we all know, mainstream media isn’t immune from immodesty.

Captain America: Immodest Soldier

Oh Mr. Rogers…this isn’t the American way at all.

Clothed Immodesty

Warm Weather Modesty: Sports Edition

This post is thanks to Mandesty reader TB and a conversation she had with her girls’ soccer team. 
With warmer weather approaching, lots of athletes are out practicing with their balls.
That’s great! A healthy man is a happy man. A happy man will only attract happy women.

Girl from TB’s soccer team:

it’s unfair that we have to look at a boys team practicing

Soccer is a great sport. Immodesty isn’t.

I know, I know. You’re hot and you want to cool off. That isn’t any excuse. Your nipples are private! You don’t see women walking around topless. So why should you?

Professional Christian and part-time American football player, Tim Tebow

Tim, I’m surprised at you! As a God-fearing person I would expect you to show a bit more modesty! I would expect you, of all people, to think of the children!

Roger Federer, professional slut

Look, Roger, Switzerland may be neutral on a lot of things but you can’t be neutral on this. It maybe be called the US Open but that doesn’t mean you should show off your body. Pick the winning side. Pick modesty!

Another girl from TB’s soccer team:


who wants to see naked boy boobs? Ew!


From the mouth of babes, indeed.

Warm Weather Modesty: Sports Edition

Repeat Offender


This immodest man has been featured on this blog before. In his first appearance here I commented on how angry he looks. It seems not much has changed.

As a Mandesty reader points out:

He’s trapped in a society that only values men for their looks. He feels forced to expose himself for attention and approval and the knowledge hurts him. You can see the pain in his eyes. How could he smile?

Good sir, if you have the time to put on sleeves, you have the time to put on pants.

I hope you see this blog one day so that you may learn of Modesty and spread its message of purity to other men such as yourself.

Repeat Offender

Guppies and Children

I breed guppies.

It’s not really that hard, put some guppies together in a tank, and you will have fry usually before the week is out. The trick is in keeping the parents from eating them, and then keeping them well fed at the same time, then changing them into a new tank and raising them until they are big enough to sell.

I do it for a variety of reasons.

Having fish tanks in my office is very soothing. It helps me relax and creates a great atmosphere for writing. The sound of running water, the swirl of colours as they swim, the pleasant rise of air bubbles.

Guppy aquarium

I can re-sell the babies for store credit at our pet store, which helps us offset the cost of keeping our menagerie.

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Guppies and Children

Beam Me Up, Modesty


This is the second post to feature men with “convenient” beams of light on their naughty links. Men, why must you do this? True beauty will  not shine through immodesty. I see you have interests such as reading and art. That’s good. Not enough men show interest in the arts and other intellectual pursuits. I know you’re capable of that and more. But no one will take you seriously if you’re taking nude photos.

Beam Me Up, Modesty

The Time for Modesty Is Now



John Cena I know you think people can’t see you but unfortunately that is not the case.

At Mandesty, we’ve spoken to other celebrities about relying on their talents rather than their bodies. However, Mr. Cena has no other discernible talent other than pretending to beat other immodest men up.
I mean he’s acted some and rapped but I’ve taken his advice and not seen him.

I’m not writing this for his sake. I’m writing it for that poor goat. It’s no wonder goats scream.

The Time for Modesty Is Now