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A Brief Timeline of Events in the David Silverman Firing
Mock the Movie: Nothing to See Here Edition
The Expanding Staircase
Banana Nut Bread, Alyssa Style
A Humanist Imperative Against Fear
BC Adventures
"With Prejudice"
But Voting Is Illegal
White History Month Volume 4
Things I Believe About Impeachment
"Secular Voices Panel", Juhem Navarro-Rivera on Atheists Talk
"Have You Considered White People?"
"The Ethics of Star Trek", James Croft on Atheists Talk
Halves in the Meeting Place
The Plank in the Skeptic's Eye
Who Do You Think You Are? Gods?
Mock the Movie: Less Animated Edition
Gluten Free Pierogi Dough
"But You're a Therapist!"
Lovecraft Letters: I Am Nothing
On the Weakness of Slurs
Geology (Let's Explore Science): Now We're Getting Somewhere
If You Don't Want Us Speaking Ill of the Dead
Putting Sealions to Work
Understanding Legalization versus Decriminalization using Marijuana
David Silverman: Liar for the Defense
Always Check the Copyright Date: Rocks, Rivers, and the Changing Earth
Geology Genius: Igneous Rocks is Terribly Misnamed
Their Brows Look Like Mine: FFS and Ethnic Identity
Prepping While Progressive: A Practical Perspective
Why Shocking Violence Doesn't Indicate Mental Illness
Mock the Movie: Not That Lizard Edition
One Heck of a Ride: Church of Lies by Flora Jessop
A Support Role Taxonomy
Genocide Doesn't Look Like you Think
Lovecraft Letters – Neural Hetwork
No Apparent Danger: The Book Every Volcano Monitoring Skeptic Should Read Right Now
ICE Raids: How to Do Your Part
"Showgirls," and Some History of Sex in Cinema
Understanding the Vulva: Part 2 - What the heck is an ectopic pregnancy?