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Some Nice Hecking Tits
My True Crime Spree (Books! We're talking about books)
Was Megatron Right? A Critical Examination of Beast Wars
Ventures in the Sun: A Photo Essay
Frita Cubana Burger, Alyssa Style
This Doesn't Have To Be the End
Life from Death in the Desert of Wet: Whalefalls
Macaroni and Cheese, Alyssa Style
Some Crab Memes to Brighten Your Day
Opportunity Missed: A Study of “Life Warp Opportunity”
Biology, Linguistics, and the Folly of Two
Combustion Man
Oxtail Stew, Alyssa Style
Everything My Chest Got Me in Life: Revisited
On Little Finny Hands: Fish That Walk
The Ones We Left Behind: Urban Pigeons Deserve Better
Four Months Later: How is Recovery?
The Satisfaction of a Good Optimization Problem, Or, That Time I Obsessed About Some Wires for A Week Straight
Building Your First World
Sancocho, Alyssa Style
Kitchen Fire: Everything is Fine...
Two Months Later: How Did the Surgery Go?
Talking to a Past Self
Laura Jane Grace’s Memoir: A Review
Some Weather: 3 of ?
Some Weather: 2 of ?
Some Weather: #1 of ?
That Time I Fixed My Front in Guadalajara
Help My Family Become Whole
No-Numbers Chili
Croquetas de Jamón, Alyssa Style
Mandesty: Olden Fashion Edition
Understanding Stock Markets
Mandesty: American History Edition
Speaking Fandom, Or How I Keep Convincing People I’m Into Stuff I’m Not
Alcapurrias, Alyssa Style
When 2 + 2 = 5 and Other Ways to Be Wrong with Heuristics
Save Me From Ordinary
Earned Insecure Attachment