More Cat Immodesty

Two loyal Mandesty readers alerted me to this video on Facebook. I must admit I was very hot and bothered.

I mean, just look at that adorable face! Those whiskers! That little orange face.

Immodesty is very hard work, apparently

Readers, this isn’t the first time that immodest men and their cats have been featured on this blog. When will we say enough is enough? The purr-fect time is meow.


A friend of a reader has bravely offered to keep this young man in her bedroom so he won’t lead others into sin and temptation. She is a crusader for Mandesty!

More Cat Immodesty

Neko Immodesty

We’ve discussed Mandesty and cats before, but I didn’t think we’d have to discuss virtual cats. This young man is cosplaying as Tubbs from Neko Atsume.

He didn’t get an accurate cosplay. Tubbs, as the name suggests, is a fat cat. Why is this man showing us his body? He really just wanted an excuse to act slutty. I bet he’s never played the game. If he did, that sashimi wouldn’t be there. And Tubbs doesn’t wear flip-flops!

Immodest men are bad enough, but fake geek immodest boys? The worst.


Men if you act this way, women will treat you like regular fish instead of gold-fish.


Neko Immodesty

Modesty and Cats


Men, not only do we have a responsibility to our children. We also have it to our pets. You may think posing topless next to your pet is harmless fun, maybe even cute. But it isn’t. Cats are stereotypically known as furballs of hate and murder. This is why. Zack, no one wants to see your nipples. Least of all fluffy. That cat has seen some things and I pray she may recover.


Strategic placement of that poor cat doesn’t take away from the fact that you’re topless.
I ask why must our young men blemish their skin with such ugly ink? It seems you are also wearing boxers. Pants are always a must.

Men, if you feel compelled to pose with your cat, I suggest following the young man above’s example. He’s wearing a simple white shirt AND he expertly matched his outfit to his pet. Smart and modest!

Modesty and Cats