Dating Immodesty



A Mandesty reader sent this in and I realized that dating sites are a great place to find men who need to learn of Modesty for Men.

This fellow above is a perfect example of the type of man I mean. These men post seductive pictures and then complain women don’t respect them and only want sex. Men, how do you expect to find a woman “with substance” if you’re displaying yourself like a piece of antelope ass? How do you expect hungry lions women to handle that kind of pressure?

Honestly, I blame the fathers. They’re out there modeling this behavior so their sons think it’s perfectly normal.

It’s a damn shame.

Dating Immodesty

Media and Immodesty


Ignoring the smuttiness of this photo, he has his laptop AND he’s using his phone for a “selfie”. These young men are so obsessed with social media they don’t interact with the outside world. Because they’re so starved for attention they post these types of photos.

Young men, your fathers failed you. But I am here, and I want you to know that you’re all beautiful and you don’t need to show your body.

It also seems that not only do we have to worry about Calvin Klein, but we also have this Armani fellow to consider. I do so hope Armani isn’t well known.

Media and Immodesty

Neko Immodesty

We’ve discussed Mandesty and cats before, but I didn’t think we’d have to discuss virtual cats. This young man is cosplaying as Tubbs from Neko Atsume.

He didn’t get an accurate cosplay. Tubbs, as the name suggests, is a fat cat. Why is this man showing us his body? He really just wanted an excuse to act slutty. I bet he’s never played the game. If he did, that sashimi wouldn’t be there. And Tubbs doesn’t wear flip-flops!

Immodest men are bad enough, but fake geek immodest boys? The worst.


Men if you act this way, women will treat you like regular fish instead of gold-fish.


Neko Immodesty

Warm Weather Modesty: Sports Edition

This post is thanks to Mandesty reader TB and a conversation she had with her girls’ soccer team. 
With warmer weather approaching, lots of athletes are out practicing with their balls.
That’s great! A healthy man is a happy man. A happy man will only attract happy women.

Girl from TB’s soccer team:

it’s unfair that we have to look at a boys team practicing

Soccer is a great sport. Immodesty isn’t.

I know, I know. You’re hot and you want to cool off. That isn’t any excuse. Your nipples are private! You don’t see women walking around topless. So why should you?

Professional Christian and part-time American football player, Tim Tebow

Tim, I’m surprised at you! As a God-fearing person I would expect you to show a bit more modesty! I would expect you, of all people, to think of the children!

Roger Federer, professional slut

Look, Roger, Switzerland may be neutral on a lot of things but you can’t be neutral on this. It maybe be called the US Open but that doesn’t mean you should show off your body. Pick the winning side. Pick modesty!

Another girl from TB’s soccer team:


who wants to see naked boy boobs? Ew!


From the mouth of babes, indeed.

Warm Weather Modesty: Sports Edition

Barking up the wrong tree


So, you can put a shirt on your dog but not on yourself?


Dog is man’s best friend. Is this what a best friend deserves?! Not all dogs go to heaven and that’s because of immodest pet parents.


Again, if you can clothe your dogs, you can clothe yourself! Look at that Boxer. Does he seem happy? Look at the pup with the bow tie! Bow ties are cool but immodesty isn’t and it makes him sad.

Barking up the wrong tree

Modesty is sweeter


The young man thinks he’s clever trying to distract us with Nutella. You can’t hide your shame with sweets!  I worry young girls might be sexually confused if they associate half-naked men with Nutella if they see this picture at a vulnerable stage in their lives. Think of the children!

A Mandesty reader writes: “Scandalous behavior in such a public place! Oh what a world we live in, where young men flaunt their bodies so shamelessly in the middle of the grocery! Regular values have gone out the window! What kind of future wife are you attracting with that behavior? I blame the parents. I blame society.”

When I think of Nutella I think of a delicious spread that is better than sex…Oh dear, it’s gotten me too! See, no one is immune! Cover up! I must go now and throw out the 57 jars I have in my cupboard.

Modesty is sweeter

Self respect is the perfect gift


Oh boy today’s immoral man is a doozy.
Let’s break it down
Selfie/mirror picture: Men now a days are so narcissistic. Constantly taking pictures of themselves. They’re also so lacking in self-esteem that they post the pictures to get attention. The narcissism rears its head again when the young man flexes his muscles.

Notice the devil pillow (what is it with pillows?!). This young man is being manipulated by the devil himself. And the devil is brazen as to let himself be known. This is what we’re fighting, fellow mandesty crusaders!

I do hope this young man got some self-respect for his birthday. I see by the airport tag on that suitcase on the left hand side of the photo that this man travels. So, I hope he now passes on the virtues of self-respect to other boys and men.

Self respect is the perfect gift