Broad Ken: A Review

Last year Matter released a new line of Barbies with different body types. I’ve written reviews for Tall and Curvy. Petite will come shortly (pun not intended but appreciated).
Just in time for the holiday season of 2017, Mattel released new body types, skin tones and hair styles for Ken. There’s the Original, Slim and the one in this review, Broad.

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Broad Ken: A Review

Magical Maladies

“Oh hello, you must be Dr. Fey. Welcome, Welcome.

As you know, this is the hospital for magic related maladies. The place to go when curses and blessings go awry. Over the last few years we’ve gotten busier. Used to be that you had to study diligently for years to be a sorceress or a wizard, but these days any angry girl with a black dress gets to call herself a witch, and don’t even get me started on what passes for a magician.

Anyway, as you can see we’ve recently expanded the dermatology wing. Mostly frog princes dealing with left over warts, princesses with pimples, but we also get the occasional knight with dragon burns.

Over there are the dwarves that help with some of the specialized equipment. You can see that one over there working on a pair of glasses for a near-sighted dragon. Poor dear keeps flying into mountains and breaking them. Continue reading “Magical Maladies”

Magical Maladies

Frivolous Friday: Golden Dragons

A few years ago I had a bad cough that was taking way too long to go away. I decided to get some cough syrup before my next class so that I wouldn’t disturb everyone with my endless hacking. I went from the pharmacy straight to the campus Starbucks, hoping to find a tablespoon so I could take it.  And to get a drink so I could immediately drown out the taste.

I was also hoping that the addition of coffee would manage to stave off the drowsy effects of the medicine.

Unfortunately, to my dismay not a tablespoon was to be found, but it was ok. They graciously offered me one of the sampler sized cups. I measured out approximately what I thought a tablespoon was, and if I’m being completely honest, I erred on the side of having a bit more. Cough syrup always just sort of barely works for me anyway, so I figured it wouldn’t do much harm.

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Frivolous Friday: Golden Dragons

Why Are my Guts Crying (x-post with Angie)

Cartoon of Angie Jackson

This is a post co-written by Ania and Angie. 

“Because I ate a balanced breakfast”

Cartoon Ania

“Because I saw a piece of lettuce on someone else’s plate”

“Because I forgot my mother’s birthday”

“Because your Instagram pictures of flax seed everything gave me fiber by osmosis.”

“Because the dilaudid they gave me to treat the pain from my diarrhea made me constipated”

“Because I didn’t drink coffee.”
“Because I did drink coffee.”

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Why Are my Guts Crying (x-post with Angie)