Immodesty Needs to take it Despacito

By now you’ve most likely heard this song.

“you get a Mandesty! and you get a Mandesty!”

The music industry is pretty immodest as it is. So it’s no surprise that this song has inspired young men to follow its slutty lead.

Enter Mikey Bustos

At least he’s honest


giphy (1)
Can’t really ask for restraint from women when you’re dressed like that

On the plus side, this video made it possible to forget the remix featuring Justin Bieber.

Immodesty Needs to take it Despacito

2 thoughts on “Immodesty Needs to take it Despacito

  1. 1

    How desperate are you to call a PARODY video, as “young men” following the music video’s “slutty lead”.
    Firstly, grown men and women expressing sexuality is normal, deliberately viewing something outside your preference and name-calling it, instead of clicking elsewhere, is what’s an issue.
    Hateful much of successful people? or of others having a different preference than yours being allowed to be so?
    Ffs it’s not like the video involved unconsented sexuality between adults or underaged kids.
    If you want a music video of the holy spirit and everyone covered up head to toe, go watch those. Just because this didn’t fit your preference doesn’t mean it’s to be hated on.
    Can not believe people in the 21st century still shame adults for being adults.

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