Send Us a Treat!

Hi Everyone!

The Social Justice Garden has a Patreon pages for Ania and Sunflower Punk, where our readers can make per-post contributions to  make it possible for us to create new content and support ourselves. Patrons get such perks as access to fiction, work-in-progress art or restricted posts. Eventually we will also be including an opt-in mailing list where you can receive special updates, early announcements, and so on.

If you are already one of our patrons, or are unable to make a longer term commitment, but still want to do something nice – or if you feel uncomfortable giving money and would rather give something specific, it would be lovely to receive something from our wish list. Some Items are tools to help improve the content we produce, some are things we need or want for our homes, and some are just little odds and ends that would make us happy.

Thank you so much!

For Ania:

Outside of writing, Ania is passionate about her cooking and her art: both music and physical. She is also working hard to get a fresh start after her “divorce” which includes making her apartment, her HOME.  She has been wanting to make videos and possibly a podcast, but she would need some equipment to really make that happen. Her wish lists include supplies that will help her expand her Etsy store and create more art, with writing her cookbook, with home improvement, with making a new start,  with the videocast, with general writing, and one of just general interest items.

Art Supplies 
Home Improvement 
New Start
Book Research
Wish List

For Sunflower Punk:

Her wish list consists of art supplies, books she wants for herself and her kid and items that would make her work space accessible and comfortable for her chronic joint pain.

Books, games and other happy-making things