How Dare you Be Fat!

It’s been a wonderful morning. One of my birds passed away last night, and I got to wake up to this pile of annoying bullshit in my inbox. Lately it seems like our blog has made its way over somewhere to a bunch of people who like to get all upset at the idea of the “charity cases” of society daring to speak out about not being treated like human beings. Then of course if we respond, we’re “having hysterics”. Comments complaining that people being forced to live through inhumane conditions like those in the Salvation Army shelter have no right to complain because they don’t pay for those services, or this lovely example of human compassion who didn’t even bother paying attention to what they were commenting on before making a point to remind me that I’m fat.

Davoin Shower-Handel:

Are you being serious here? First off, getting your government check a week early doesn’t short you for the month. There is this thing called budgetin9, it is what most working people do. You should give it a try, you certainly appear to have the free time to fit it in!

Also it is hard to take claims of starvation/no food seriously from someone who:

  1. A) is significantly overweight

  2. B) who blogs about making and eating artisinal food items like expensive bacon.


This morning though, I’m feeling both in the mood to educate, annoyed for other , and a little bit petty, so douche wipe gets to see their name on here just like they wanted, while I use his comment to illustrate exactly why these comments come off as

  1. Disingenuous and pretty obvious that it’s not actually about what is written there
  2. Just another excuse to fat shame, poor shame, and generally make people afraid of speaking out about problems or interests for fear of facing assholes like this one.

Let’s begin.

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How Dare you Be Fat!

Quickie: They Know They’re Starving Us

Whenever the discussion of the struggles people on ODSP deal with come up, there is always this underlying idea that the people in charge of making the decisions don’t know exactly how bad the situation is.

While there is some truth to that, in that they don’t understand on an emotional – have lived through it – level of what it’s like, the truth of the matter is that it’s not unknown to them as we might like to pretend. That thought hit me this month when I received my January Check a week early, just before Christmas.

It happens every year at this time. Whereas normally we receive our money on the last business day of the month, in December, we receive it the last business day before Christmas. Continue reading “Quickie: They Know They’re Starving Us”

Quickie: They Know They’re Starving Us

Littlefoot Farms

Leaving Ottawa meant leaving behind a whole community and network of people. I’ve learned how important those networks can be, especially for someone like me, so it’s been really important to me to rebuild them for myself in this new region.

One of my favourite discoveries and people so far has been this amazing farm store Littlefoot Farms and its owner Sandy.

My parents actually told me about this place practically the same week I moved here. They were raving about how great it was, but I completely misunderstood at first and thought it was like the market and only on certain days and early in the morning. Actually it’s an actual little shop with pretty hours that are much more manageable than just mornings lol.

Hilariously, my first actual meeting with Sandy wasn’t about her shop, but about my quail.

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Littlefoot Farms

I May Never Buy Bacon Again

No, I haven’t given up meat, or pork. Instead earlier this month and basically for the last week, I’ve started making my own bacon.

A good friend of mine received a bit of a Christmas bonus and decided to treat friends to some gifts. Her gift to me was an A-Maze-N smoker, which is this cool little box that you can put in your grill these people at the grill store in Ottawa had told me about.

It basically works by creating a little maze out of metal through which you thread a bunch of wooden pellets. The pellets burn around the maze letting it smoke for upwards of 8 hours. Here is the cool thing: because the pellets burn at a relatively low heat, it’s functionally both a hot AND COLD smoker. Yup! That’s right. I can COLD SMOKE things now. Continue reading “I May Never Buy Bacon Again”

I May Never Buy Bacon Again