Harassment and Cat’s Eye Glasses

Every time I see the so-called “rationals” and “anti-SJWs” post a drawing of their caricature of an SJW, I wince.

See, the usual carticature is the same – fat, hairy legs and pits, hair in some color on the rainbow and, occasionally, cat’s eye glasses.

It’s the glasses that make me wince, because they remind me the anti-SJWs ‘favorite” punching bag and friend of mine, Melody Hensley.  I call her by name with her permission.  She has endured harassment from this fucks for years, driving her our of a job and causing her a great deal of mental anguish.

She’s the women in that Triggered meme that I refuse to download or post here because of how much it pisses me off.  I’ve had to ask people who had no idea of the origins of the meme to stop using it.

Why am I bringing it up now?  Because after she’s quit her job, after she is pretty much done with the secular movement, IT CONTINUES.  Again, with her permission, here is some mail she received this morning:

I hope you die in a hole, i hope you get bullied the rest of your life, your are a pathetic little bitch. you say you have ptsd, fuck no,your just a little pussy bitch who wants in someway to hurt other people cuz you feelu have been wronged, suck my fat man dick, i hope you get raped, you piece of feminist shit, go fuck yourself, oh and again, please die, people like you make the world a shittier place. all middle fingers up, pointing at you, pathetic little bitch.



i really hope u get raped by 10 guys at the same time, each hole getting fucked by 2 dicks, then they kill u n dumb ur body in a junk yard so u can finally be where u should have been from day one



i wish isis would have captured u and burned u alive, or decapitated u, those other people didnt deserve it, but you sure as hell do, femanazi, little pussy, the devils wife,burn in hell dumb bitch. i hope you become a sex slave to a man someday.


STILL. TODAY.  DO NOT FORGET THAT THIS IS HAPPENING TO PEOPLE, TO WOMEN. I wonder what Rebecca Watson’s email looks like?  What Stephanie Zvan’s? What Zoe Quinn and the other high profile Literally Who?s that Gamergate couldn’t get the fuck over?


My blog is small, but my voice is loud.

Now I wear cat’s eye glasses – a gift from another friend – and this is my message to harassing scum and the scumsuckers who defend them:



Harassment and Cat’s Eye Glasses

4 thoughts on “Harassment and Cat’s Eye Glasses

  1. 2

    I am getting so fucking sick and tired of this bullshit.

    If I ever see Melody again, with her permission, I want to give her a hug and tell her that I love, respect, and appreciate her and everything she’s done for us. It’s reaching a point where I want to find these harassers and fucking throttle them. They have no decency, no empathy… no fucking humanity.

    Would I have permission to add my voice to this by sharing on Facebook and blogging about it on my blog? My blog post would be rather angry, with expletives and the like, because I’ve really had it with all this.

  2. 3

    This sort of thing infuriates me to the point where I can write, but not speak; my throat closes up.

    I remember Melody, before she escaped from Facebook to get some space. Such odious stuff! Such a wonderful person! I just can’t even, even, even…

    I’m personally not a fan of cat’s-eye glasses; I’m old enough to remember being forced into them as a child because parental units decided they were “cute”. Gah. But to each their own, and may those who wear them, rock them by being people like Melody.

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