Comment Policy

(taken and edited from my from my 10/4/2014 post)

Unlike a lot of other blogs that I enjoy and frequent and lurk, I’m not big on moderating long arguments or entertaining foolishness for very long, even if the foolishness is entertaining. So, just to be clear:

If you are a known quantity for being dull, or tedious, or shopping your tired ass arguments to every space available, I will snarkily reply and then ban you.  You want a place to spew your shit?  Start your own blog, I will happily ignore it.

Slurs of all sorts (sexist, homophobic, transphobic, racist, ablest and so on) are not tolerated.

Personal attacks are only allowed if I find them amusing.

Don’t bore me. That means avoid tired ass arguments if you’re gonna have a problem with what I write.  This ain’t my first do-si-do with these issues, I’ve more than likely have heard your shit before, and your “education” isn’t welcome.

Edit to add: Also, RTMFP before you try to comment on what I should be writing about.

Do these sound unfair? You betcha. Because this isn’t a democracy.  You’re in Feminace-space and are here on my indulgence (as I am here on WordPress’ indulgence).  I want the comment section (when people post, you don’t have to, I love lurkers too) to be a safe/fuckshit free space. I do not have to respond to every demand for a conversation if I choose not to. I don’t owe you space in the comments or time. Too long have women of color been expected to just take others’ nonsense like some kind of mule, and I will not be your depository for fuckshit/liberal guilt/ax grinding/etc.

Now, now, it’s not all negative here at Seriously?!? I love to make people laugh as well as think, and I love it when people respond.  I love connecting with like minded folks, and I want to continue that.  I love the circles I am in, despite their troubles, and this little space is one of my contributions.

Thank you for your attention.