Frivolous Friday: Post-Pool Therapy

*hops off bus from warm pool physical therapy*
*stops by corner store for four bottles of Gatorade*
*gets home and drops bags on kitchen floor*
*downs one bottle of GR like it was the cure for fibro, depression, suicidal thoughts, obesity, and slow growing dreadlocs all in one.*
*writes this up as a Facebook post*
*downs another bottle*

So…thirsty. So very, very thirsty. Damn, I haven’t been this thirsty since the last EXO music video came out.

Now to skip all of the things I need to be doing and go lay down. Whoo.

Frivolous Friday: Post-Pool Therapy

2 thoughts on “Frivolous Friday: Post-Pool Therapy

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    If you’re open to suggestions and it’s palatable to you, have you tried unsweetened grapefruit juice after a workout? Normally the sourness would turn my face inside out, but when I’m sweaty, the vitamins and natural sugars hit the spot.

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