A Bunch of Snarky Answers to “Questions from White Men to SJWs”


Because I don’t want to give the video itself clicks (the cover picture looks like a direct reference to a dear friend who has suffered from harassment that ended up making her sick), here’s a response by Kevin Logan to that video where he just plays the audio.

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A Bunch of Snarky Answers to “Questions from White Men to SJWs”

Two Shots About Disablitiy

I’m back early from CONvergence because my brain hates me and is trying to kill me.  So I’m home and needed to let off a little steam.  That means you get two, two, TWO rants in one.

Are you lucky?

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Two Shots About Disablitiy

Erykah Badu is an Apologist for Child Rapists

…and you have no idea how difficult writing that title is.

Content Warning for Obvious Reasons

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Erykah Badu is an Apologist for Child Rapists

Ask The Patient

It’s frickin early in the morning as I write this and I have to decide if the cold weather (ah, Minnesota in the springtime) is too cold for escorting this morning. #livinglavidachronicpain

I’ve been sitting on this here link for days now, because it needs to be shared.  The awesome folks at the much beleaguered EMW Women’s Surgical Center in Louisville, KY (follow them on Twitter to see just how much fuckshit they have to deal with EVERY DAY the clinic is open) have been giving out anonymous questionnaires to patients asking about what they go through to get into the clinic.

The results are fucking terrifying. These patients have had to contend with motherfuckers pushing against their car doors, shoving fetal snuff porn into their faces, being pushed, being physically blocked (hello there, violation of the FACE act), screamed at, and video taped. They reported feeling scared, threatened, HARASSED.

Now, EMW is collecting this info to use to try and get some sort of buffer zone in front of their clinic – not a big one, even 8 feet would do. And I support them in that struggle.  I’m glad they’ve been collecting this info, because it gives me some actual numbers for this following rant:

Dear Former Chief Justice Antonin Scalia,

If only you were alive so you could see these numbers and watch the videos that the antis proudly post on YouTube. If only you could see that this protesters aren’t sweet old grannies just trying to peacefully offer pamphlets of lies.  Hell the “grannies” sometimes are the most viscous and persistent people I’ve personally seen.

Then again, you probably wouldn’t have paid attention anyway. You sure didn’t when you were sitting in that seat in the Supreme Court.

May you continue to rot into pieces.


To everyone else alive enough to read these words,

THIS IS A THING THAT IS HAPPENING. Right now. Today. In the year of our Calendar 2016. Escorts battle with these antis, the patients battle with these antis, all in the name of some fucked up twisted interpretation of “freedom of speech”. This “freedom of speech” turns into harassment when someone says “No” and an anti continues anyway. You’d think it would be obvious.

But the patient can’t report them to the police. Not right then and there. And we can’t call the police on their behalf. Fuck, when we call the police for shit like crossing the property line/buffer zone/blocking the way, we mostly get nothing.  NOTHING. They are useless.

We can’t fix this all by ourselves.

What can you do? If you have the time and spoons, why not call your local women’s clinic and see if they have escorts.  Join us. If you don’t have those, then we need stronger harassment laws or to push our lawmakers to push the police to take these calls seriously while not forcing the patient to miss their appointment. There are violations of the FACE act and outright harassment that they can see, again, on YouTube. They call it “sidewalk counseling”, we should be calling it “evidence”.

This isn’t a free speech issue and it never was. This is (SPARTA!!) harassment. It needs to stop. It needs to be made clear that when you keep bugging someone after they’ve said “no”, you are committing a crime.

It needs to stop. Help us.

Ask The Patient

*raptor screams*

Rewire shares a story that has just made me see red way too early this fucking morning: Anti-Choice Activists, Using Bogus Legal Threats, Trick Teens Into Signing Away Abortion Rights.

Did you read it? Did it piss you off? GOOD!  Now let me piss you off even more with a little secret!

Anti-choicers enjoy skirting and/or outright breaking the law in the name of “saving da behbehs”.

From crossing property lines to harassing patients (and anyone who isn’t walking by fast enough) to harassing doctors at their own homes, to running fake clinics, to this intimidation shit, they behave as if they are somehow above the laws of man.

And you know the real shitter about this? Most of the time, they get the fuck away with it.  The police don’t want to help and it’s damn difficult to get local lawmakers to give a shit because these jackwagons with throw a tantrum faster than a toddler in the candy aisle. Oh noes, their free speeches is violated!

It gets even worse (well, of course it gets worse. These motherfuckers whip people up into blowing up or shooting people at clinics. This isn’t that level of “worse”). Are you considering an abortion and share that info with someone you trust, a friend or your church leader or a teacher in that story above? You may end up fodder from some group’s attempts to saaaave you.  That trusted person may hand out your personal information to complete strangers (to you) to call you and/or email you and/or come visit you and/or call you by name in front of the clinic to “encourage” you to keep your baby.

Normally, one might call that stalking or at least, pretty fucking creepy.  Normally.  But in upside-down fucked up “pro-life” land, it’s perfectly kosher.

What wouldn’t I give to be THAT entitled and get the fuck away with it.

*raptor screams*

Meet Prof. Click

…because I haven’t.  Met her, that is.  But a friend of hers has written this amazing post, telling us just who this women is.

The fucking narrative of her as some sort of free speech bully, shoving a “poor” student (who, need I remind you, couldn’t wait for a fucking press release from his ‘subjects’) and even calling for ‘muscle’ to help her smash his freeze peaches, is of course, bullshit.

But let’s focus on Prof. Click now.

A similar incongruity and ignorance confronts us when reckoning with media coverage of my friend and colleague Melissa Click, the recently fired Mizzou professor accused of behaving badly while attempting to protect student activists who rightly continue to insist that black lives matter. A video of Melissa resisting an unannounced student photojournalist went “viral” and was framed as a violation of the first amendment; how soon we forget the right of “the people peaceably to assemble.”

For her actions, she has endured rape and death threats, because that’s just how women who piss of reactionaries are treated nowadays, and tryhards ‘splaining the First Amendment, while they can’t figure out how the free speech actually fucking works.

For many politicians and pundits, Melissa has become the stereotypical “liberal professor” who brainwashes students into left-leaning ideologies when, ironically, the Melissa I know is far from an ideologue: as a scholar and teacher of communication and critical thought, Melissa’s job — like mine — is to help students think about and voice their concerns thoughtfully. Whereas many politicians and pundits characterize Melissa as impeding free speech, I know she was actually trying to promote and protect such speech for students of color. Ironic, indeed. 

This is how an ally behaves – protecting the actual marginalized.

(Photo Credit: Lacy Rushin of statuslabs.com)

Meet Prof. Click


The last post I made before the move over here was about what trans women want to do in the bathroom. It was a response to the idea passed around by conservatives and TERFs that suggested cis men go into the ladies room and drop trou.  It is pretty gross, but would anyone actually even try this?

You know where this is going, right? Get your facepalms and headdesks ready!

Fayetteville councilman John La Tour is being accused of confronting a woman he assumed was transgender and threatening to wave his penis at her at a crowded restaurant.

The woman in question? Cis. (which is probably why the town is in a uproar in the first place)

Not that it matters, because YOU DON’T THREATEN TO WAVE YOUR DICK AROUND to total strangers.  Not even to people you know, unless they’ve signed on to your literal dickery. What the fuck is wrong with this guy?

What is it about trans folks that turn some cis folks into complete perverts? They wanna know what’s in your pants, how do you fuck, how do you pee, and then what? They whip out their bits and dangle them to prove that they have no idea what women/non-binary folks in the ladies room do in there.

And it leads to shit like this and WORSE. People, cis men to be specifically, thinking they can A) spot a trans woman and B) can freely abuse based on that.  We already have a serious issue with trans women being beaten and outright murdered by cis men who can’t handle that the woman they may know might – MIGHT – have been born with a penis.

Cis men are so damned insecure. And it’s deadly.


Photo by forzaq8


Observe Compassionate Sidewalk Counseling!

In “other things I like post about”, the fine folks at A Women’s Choice in Jacksonville, FL posted this gif on their Facebook page:



Such compassion.  See, the clinic set up this privacy fence for reasons that should be obvious.  It’s already bad enough that these jackwagons wear fake volunteer vests, but they decide to get up on a damn ladder, over the privacy fence…to “counsel”.

Apparently trickery and abuse of privacy is considered ‘compassion’ to these folks.

If you happen to be new to this whole “clinic protest” thing (and I am regularly in awe of people who don’t know that this is still a Thing), here are some resources you can click on to see just how shit it is.  I promise you, it’s not just, as the recently decease Scalia (May he rot to pieces) once described as kindly old ladies passing out lit.

If tumblr is your thing, follow Shit Anti-Choice Protester Say. There are videos, taken by these shitmunchers themselves, of people being harassed.

Or, you can follow the fuckery on Twitter using the hashtags #notcounseling #protectthezone or #clinicescorts. These are used by a couple of escorts around the country to document the fuckery.  Including yours truly, once I get back into the game.

You don’t have to volunteer, but at the very least, educate yourself and spread the information around so no one has the excuse of ignorance of what these poor excuses for caring human beings really are.



Observe Compassionate Sidewalk Counseling!