Today in White Nonsense

A quick round up of things that make me go “Ugh, white people, why?”

Maine governor considers registration after continuing to be the fucking worst.

Brock “It’s Booze’s Fault I’m a Rapist” Turner will be released on Friday after his laughably short time in jail on a laughably short sentence.

South African girls stage protest after being told to straighten their hair, in another case of “Why can White people leave our hair alone?”

This meme:


And finally, this town.  Just, this fucking town.

As an aside, Rest Easy, Gene Wilder.  You’re already missed – and that’s no nonsense.

Today in White Nonsense

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    Hey, we’re not all idiots! A few of us read your work and even invite a vebal and public spanking if we deserve it by posting comments!

    LePage: The voters of Maine might have made a mistake when they elected this steaming pile of bullshit, but when they re-elected him, they showed who they really are, and it’s not pretty.

    Brock Turner: I have two daughters, one in college, one going next year. How can I keep them safe in a world where “boys will be boys” and “we don’t want to make him suffer” judges? The point of locking him away isn’t just to punish him, but to send a message to others. I’m afraid others got the message, and it wasn’t one that supports my daughters’ rights.

    Pretoria School for Girls: In the U.S., we used to act on our represive instincts by suspending kids who came to school with mohawks, colored hair, goth clothing, etc., under the pretext that it was a “distraction” from the school’s mission of educating the students. It turns out that the distraction was the fuss caused by suspending the students. When we left them alone, the distraction died down in minutes. It’s pretty clear that somebody in Pretoria just can’t get used to black girls in their “white” school, and is striking out with the only tool at hand.

    Harrison, Arkansas: Contagious mental illness? Mercury poisoning in the well water? Zombie-confederate soldiers returning from the dead? Some weird long-standing local tradition of dropping babies on their heads as part of their baptism?

        1. The reason they’re displaying their racism openly isn’t that they’re stupid. They’re signalling to people who agree with them. The reason there are loads of racists in one place is that they congregate there.

          Note the signs with “beautiful town, beautiful people” right next to a photo of a white family. Think that’s a coincidence? They’re telling other racists to move there; that this town will support them. That’s why you have lots of openly racist people in the same place.

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    A few days ago, Bruce Miller (a San Fran 49ers running back), was arrested for violently assaulting a 70 year old man during an argument. Miller is a white male.

    I have reposted this news story in several places where “white is right” types post, asking why a peaceful protest by a black man bothers them but not a violent assault by a white man. The three most common responses are:

    1) “Miller is not a 49er, this isn’t relevant.” (Miller was released…but only AFTER his arrest.)

    2) “”Reverse racism.” / “This isn’t about race.”

    3) Dead silence.

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    If Harassment, Arkansas doesn’t want “outsiders”, wall off the town and make them pay for it. Let them have all the isolation they want.

    Either that, or cut off all state and federal funding permanently.

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