It’s Basic Shit Season: Don’t Do This To Your Kids Edition

Two years ago, I addressed cultural appropriation In Halloween costumes.

And one year ago, I addressed the bullshit Caitlyn Jenner costume for men.

“Gee, Niki”, you may wonder, “What are you gonna do for this year?”

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It’s Basic Shit Season: Don’t Do This To Your Kids Edition

Dig Through The Ditches and Burn Through Your Privilege

This guy is still alive
I’m like what the fuuccck?

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Dig Through The Ditches and Burn Through Your Privilege

A Bunch of Snarky Answers to “Questions from White Men to SJWs”


Because I don’t want to give the video itself clicks (the cover picture looks like a direct reference to a dear friend who has suffered from harassment that ended up making her sick), here’s a response by Kevin Logan to that video where he just plays the audio.

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A Bunch of Snarky Answers to “Questions from White Men to SJWs”

Today in “What The Entire Fuck?” – The Weird Lawsuit Edition

I’ve got two stories for y’all. Aren’t you lucky?

Arizona mass shooter Jared Lee Loughner (you know, the inflamed asshole who put a bullet in then Representative Gabby Giffords’ brain?) filled a lawsuit for, get this, $25 million dollars?

Against Representative Giffords. And also the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Why? Have a look at the actual legal document, and have your conspiracy theory bingo cards at the ready. There’s the Illuminati, sleeper chips in his brain, Giffords faking her traumatic injury (and setting up Cliven Bundy?), Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, and of course, what’s a good conspiracy theory without mentioning Da Jews?

All I have to say is…dayum.  Dude.  Dayum.  I can’t wait for the “laughed out of court” story.


This one’s for my fellow gamers out there. Here’s an exercise in how not to handle criticism. There are also a LOT of YouTube links ahead, so grab some popcorn, a soft pillow to bang your head against, and enjoy!

The “developers” of Digital Homicide, creator of such shit as The Slaughtering Grounds, which ranked as one of the Worst Games of 2014 by YouTube game critics ProJared, Angry Joe, and one Jim Sterling, is suing Jim Sterling to the tune of $10 million dollars for “assault, libel, and slander“.


Because he pointed out that their games are shit with paid assets thrown together with no cohesion, and their business practices are shit (20 games in 9 months? Whut?). After attempting to respond to the criticism with a video of their own , which got laughed at and gave Jim the new moniker “Jim Fucking Sterling, Son“, then trying to get the video removed from YouTube because they believe that Fair Use means “you have to be fair in your use”, and doing some weird excuse for an interview that turned into a doxxing attempt and other fuckery (apparently the dildo bat from Saints Row that Jim occasionally wields in his videos is offensive/insulting to women?), now they’re trying to sue.

And after people ruined their first attempt to crowd fund for a lawyer greedy enough to take this lawsuit (with a high retainer, one would hope), they are looking into other ways to pay for one. Jim, for his part, has been wisely not addressing the issue, but is confident.

Because this lawsuit is shit.  I also can’t wait to see it laughed out of court.

It’s been a saga indeed, folks.  Good luck to you, Mr. Fucking Sterling, Son.

Today in “What The Entire Fuck?” – The Weird Lawsuit Edition

More Period Ignorance

Thanks to @FeministaJones for digging into the Twittarz to find these “fantastic” bits of “wisdom” from the University of Who The Fuck Asked You?

This just in: You’re a whore if you bleed for a day or more.
Fell from where?
“Lower dimensions”? Like Dimension X? Are we in the TMNT universe?
To keep things fair, here's a lady with no clue about how uteri work.
To keep things fair, here’s a lady with no clue about how uteri work.
Well, it's not like the uterine lining doesn't thicken after each cycle OH WAIT IT TOTALLY DOES.
Well, it’s not like the uterine lining doesn’t replenish itself after each cycle OH WAIT IT TOTALLY DOES.



Look, I get it. I really do. Periods can be pretty gross and inconvenient and expensive to deal with. I have hated every single cycle I have had since I was 12, even the ones that made it clear that “You haven’t fucked up and got yourself knocked up this month”. I’ve ceased having them thanks to using birth control (no starving myself required).

But damn, there are more than enough reasons to dislike them. No need to pull others out of your ass.  No. Really.  And frankly, I have a theory about why these hotepy motherfuckers want soooo badly to make periods gone (Ms. Pro-HOtep aside).

Periods make having the sex inconvenient and gross.  For some.

Let me reiterate that real quick, because I can already hear the keyboards going.

FOR SOME (and no, you don’t have to tell me if period sex or earning your red wings does it for you.  No really, I don’t wanna know. I’m not asking. It’s beside the point. Please don’t).

Back to my point, I get why some dudes would feel rather put out when their partner is riding the cotton pony, having a visit from Aunt/Uncle Flo, endearing shark week, etc.  And I understand that for the Hotep crowd, a blakk kween should always be ready to receive the seed of her king at all times because nation building outbreeding the white man whatthefuckever. So yes, making menstruation sound like this unnatural curse of a thing, it being the fault of some mysterious fall makes ‘sense’?  The sort of sense that requires having one’s head so far up their own asses that you can lick your own uvula.

I dare you to make less sense.

More Period Ignorance

How To Treat Gun Fail

Others can tackle the far deeper issue of deliberate gun violence and mass shootings and all that.  I want to tackle something that frankly sounds simpler: Gun Failure.  Or Failure to Gun Properly.

Most people, whether you’ve handled a gun yourself or not (for the record, I have.  I’ve even fired a few), know at the very least rule one of gun safety reads something like “Don’t point it at anything you don’t want destroyed”. Then there’s “Assume all guns are loaded”, and “Put the safety on if you’re not going to shoot something”, and “GET YOUR FUCKING FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER, SPARKY!”

So basic, yet we get story after story of people who apparently never got the fucking memo, some to very tragic ends. That is, to other people. If you fuck up and put a gun to your head assuming it’s not loaded and splatter your brains all over the place, that’s on you, boo-boo, it’s what you get for losing a game of Russian Roulette vs. Common Sense.

Then there’s those special snowflakes who treat having a gun as “how we get our way” when their life is inconvenienced in some way (your fries were cold, you got your stuff checked before you could leave the store, someone cut you off in traffic, you don’t like the person your kid is dating for reasons other than abuse).  One of my favorite web shows, What The Fuck Is Wrong With You?, has this quote that I’ve been using in these cases: “A gun is not a remote control for life”. This is poor gun responsibility and Gun Fail.

Here is my proposal to handle such issues of Gun Fail:

If you can’t handle a gun properly, you should get your license revoked and must report to some-fucking-where with all of the guns you have that are capable of being fired (so no, no one’s coming after Great Great Grandpa Magnum’s old rabbit huntin’ rifle or your collection of muskets from the Great War of Eighteen Twenty-Who Gives A Fuck) to give them up. This period could last for months, for years, forever, whatever, make it ramp up with the offense.


  • You point that fucker at someone and are “surprised” when there’s a bullet in the chamber and it shoots that someone? Revoked. Also charged with whatever other crime is applicable here.
  • You leave it where a kid could get their hands on it and shoot someone/themselves? REVOKED. Also arrested and charged with negligence at the very fucking least. And don’t give me that “their parents suffered enough” bullshit. You know who’s suffering more?  The dead kid and/or the kid who shot said kid.
  • You stick the fucker in your pants or waistband or whatever and shoot yourself and LIVE? Revoked.
  • You use the fucker like a remote control for life. REVOKED.
  • You do any of this shit and are a member of law enforcement or the military? REVOKED, FIRED, NEVER ALLOWED TO WORK IN THAT CAPACITY EVER AGAIN.  Talk about supposed to know fucking better. Also, if you’re in the military, current or vet, your commanding officer pays you a visit to bawl your ass out.


I could go on.

Is this a very, very simplistic idea? Yup.  It would need a lot more work, probably suited for people who know more about logistics than I. Would this stop mass murders? Nope. Could someone still get their hands on a gun anyway? Of course the fuck they can, don’t even TRY to insult my intelligence by assuming I don’t fucking know that. People get their hands on guns illegally all the fucking time.  That’s already a crime, last I checked.

But damnit, it could at least make some of these “responsible” gun owners actually accountable, or think for a second, or even ACT like responsible gun owners I know, the ones who treat the fuckers like the lethal instruments they are.

Fewer Gun Fail would be good for everyone, as far as I’m concerned.

How To Treat Gun Fail

This Fucking Guy

So, since the launch of The Orbit, the usual subjects have been chittering away about nonsense. Since I’m a relative unknown, I don’t get most of that nonsense, so I can’t and won’t comment for now.

But then I got this screenshot:

Calling you on your bullshit isn't an "attack", Mark.
Calling you on your bullshit isn’t an “attack”, Mark.

Oh bother.  I’m going to have to rehash this shit again for those new to me and new to what this guy’s problem is.  Again, because I’ve already talked about it last November and since then, I’ve been updated by the awesome Diana B of Kansas City Freethinkers about his case against the professor who assaulted his precious camera, all caught on edited film (would love to see the full 22 minutes, instead of the 6 that got shown on Fox News and Breitbart).

Such updates include offering to drop the case if she sat down for a recorded talk with him about free speech, for example. Between that and the fuckery that was at Skepticon, it seems that he really does seem more interested in himself than anything resembling the issue of racism at Mizzou.

Mr. Schierbecker, it’s past time to let this shit go. If you actually gave half a damn about your fellow students of color, you should really quit whining about being “attacked” and actually show some support. Stop making this about you, and about the freedom of the press/typical misunderstanding of free speech (which by your own admission was more of your freedom to not wait until an official press conference to get your fucking photos).

You weren’t being attacked when blog posts, including mine, were written to point out what an ass you were being. You were being criticized, and I really wish people would learn the fucking difference already. It makes you sound entitled as hell and if you can’t see the irony of a white guy complaining about not being able to shove his way into the privacy of black folks, then you never will. Your claim to being “attacked” is about as strong as your claim that a little camera shove and a call for “muscle” (who didn’t even touch you, or I’m sure you would have mentioned it) is “assault”.

For those just tuning in and wondering when all of this started, behold the video of his supposed Q and A at Skepticon 8:

And that’s all I have to say about it.  For now.


(And before you comment, please do have a gander at my comment policy, lest you find your comment not even seen.  My blog, my rules.)

This Fucking Guy