Your Favs Stay Problematic: Scott Adams. Again.

Shut Up Scott


Aww, what’s wrong, Dilbert dude? Can’t feel powerful if the women and POC are speaking?

My homegirl Greta Christina put it perfectly on her Facebook:

Interesting that he actually comes out and says it this bluntly. Paraphrasing, but not by much: “Having women and people of color in positions of power makes me feel weak and useless.” I mean, it’s not like there was a lack of white men speaking at the DNC. They just didn’t dominate. He is openly saying that unless white men are in the majority, he feels weak and useless. That’s beyond pathetic. If I weren’t so ragey, I’d feel sorry for him.

I can’t find much pity for him, because this isn’t the first time he’s shown himself to be one of the Kings of Ain’t Shit Mountain. I was unpacking a few boxes that hadn’t touched since moving to the Midwest and found that I owned one of the Dilbert books.

Apologies to the made up on the spot gods of literature, but I threw that shit away. I didn’t want anyone else to have it, either.

Your Favs Stay Problematic: Scott Adams. Again.

New Contender For Most Punchable Face

Martin Shkreli held the title for so long that it was due a changeover.

Content Warning: Rape, with some descriptions.

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New Contender For Most Punchable Face

The Relief of Asexuality

(Disclaimer That I Shouldn’t Have To Make, But To Shut Up the Choir Pedantic: These are my observations and experiences of my own life. They are not universal. They are not condemnations on your life. If it ain’t about you, DON’T MAKE IT ABOUT YOU.)

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The Relief of Asexuality

Milo’s Advice for the “Ladies”

So, this happened:

screenshot-twitter.com 2016-03-20 06-39-45


To translate, it’s a Tweet from Breitbart’s “Technical” writer Milo Yiannopoulos that says:

LADIES: If you use any of the following words hot men will stop hitting on you:

  • privilege
  • cis
  • genderqueer
  • poly
  • nonbinary
  • fluid
  • feminist

One second, I need to stop giggling.  This is ridiculous and it makes me wonder yet again if this is some elaborate trolling attempt. But I know better, and the giggles turn into a deep painful sigh and a roll of the eyes. Oh look, I can see my brain.

First off, Milo, honey, we already have a problematic gay man who dishes out relationship advice.  We don’t need another and we certainly don’t need advice this wrong.

Secondly, *clears throat*

*to the tune of the William Tell Overture*

Privilege Privilege Privi-cis cis cis

Genderqueer Genderqueer cis cis cis cis

Feminist Feminist Nonbinary

Fluid, fluid and poly



Milo’s Advice for the “Ladies”

Cry Moar, White Feminists (TM)

How did I miss this opinion piece on Ebony, entitled “You Ain’t the ONLY Woman: The White Cis Grasp on Womanhood Is Failing“.  Reading it made me want to raise a fan and wave it like we were at a summer revival. Praise Intersectionality! Hallelujah Actual Sisterhood! Preach that good word, Pastor Lesli-Ann Lewis, and pass the collection plate!

Especially this line:

If the White man’s burden was to bring the “savage” to civilization, then in 2015 the White woman’s burden is to teach the rest of us bumbling half-humans how to be women.

Ohh, I felt that deep in my non-existent soul!

Given the repeated historical nonsense that comes every single time White Feminism (TM) and everyone else clash, this article was wonderfully timed, even back in June.  It’s still needed.  All of the other articles addressing this is needed.  This article you’re reading right now is needed *dusts off massive ego*.  Why?

Because the same shit keep happening, y’all.  White Feminism (TM) keeps trying to hold on to the mic and hold up all the seats at the table, saving the space for only those who are like them – or who agree with them.  And the rest of us ain’t asking for space anymore.  We’re snatching the mic, we’re sitting down and they will just have to deal.

Sadly, they’re doing more whining than dealing.

White Feminism, when we say “take all of the seats”, we don’t mean “and leave no room for anyone”. You’re not the only “women” around.  Your feminism ain’t the only one in town, and if the choice is your way or the highway, we’re miles ahead of you, leaving you in a cloud of exhaust. Non-white women exist and are sitting down, trans women are sitting down, poor women are sitting down, non-college educated women are sitting the fuck down and you WILL hear us.  We will drown out your ridiculous bullshit, and you will HAVE to deal with us.

It’s kinda sad, really.  The day I read that TERFs who are lesbians believe that trans lesbians are just men who want to force their penises into ‘women’s’ spaces, it took all day to find my eyes, as they rolled out of my head.  I had another loss of eyes when I read various complaints by white women that non-white women are being mean to them when they fuck up.  The rage of reading things like “lynch mob” and “witch hunts” made finding the fuckers a lot easier.  I just felt for the burning, burning heat.

The whitewashing of the presence of minorities from history, like in Stonewall and Suffragette (really, any mention of black or Indian suffragettes?), will be pointed out and screamed about, because it’s bullshit.  Yes, being aware of history is important, but not at the cost of leaving us out.

I remember reading the memory of a 16 year old trans girl being surrounded and threatened and berated by a group of “womyn” at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival (may it rot in pieces), and it’s the perfect analogy.  A group of marginalized people spitting venom at one person who is even more marginalized for existing.  TERFs who treat trans people like shit, who can’t even STFU when others use inclusive terms for reproductive rights, are spitting venom at a more marginalized group.

(which is ironic, given that more inclusive language is more for the benefit of trans MEN and non-binary folk with uteruses. But any reason to shit on trans women is valid, I guess)

We have white women with blogs and speaking gigs and published book and articles and shit whining and complaining about non-white women with Twitter accounts.  And THEY’RE the victims, screaming into the mic while keeping it away from the ‘horde’ of loud uncouth women who are being “rude”.

Yeah, because calling out your bullshit is so rude.  Don’t we know that we’re supposed to sit quietly and smile?

Lewis also points out the blatant hypocrisy when it comes to sexuality.  White women “explore despite the male gaze”, non-white women “cater to the male gaze”. Beyonce can pose in front of a fucking lit sign saying “FEMINIST”, be a great role model for young girls, an awesome wife and mother to a beautiful child, but because she signs about sexy things and dances sexy, oh noes, she’s not.

Don’t get me started on Nicki Minaj.  Please. We’d be here all day and I have to go save Tamriel again.

What really gets me is that while all of this is happening, White Women (TM) still claim victimhood.  Second Wavers are crying victimhood when the next gen doesn’t give them the respect they think they’re due.  Yes, they did amazing work in their time, but this ain’t their time anymore.  That’s why there’s a Third Wave, you see.  Either catch up or be left in the dust.  You’re not the fucking victims because time has changed. We are more marginalized than you.  We don’t need your help to “feminism” properly.

Cis women, you’re not the victim when trans people call you out on your bullshit. They are more marginalized than you.  They don’t need your help to “feminism” properly.

White women, you’re not the victim when non-white women call you out on your bullshit. They are more marginalized than you.  They don’t need your help to “feminism” properly.

Do I need to go on?

Say it again, Ms. Mock:


Cry Moar, White Feminists (TM)