Meet Prof. Click

…because I haven’t.  Met her, that is.  But a friend of hers has written this amazing post, telling us just who this women is.

The fucking narrative of her as some sort of free speech bully, shoving a “poor” student (who, need I remind you, couldn’t wait for a fucking press release from his ‘subjects’) and even calling for ‘muscle’ to help her smash his freeze peaches, is of course, bullshit.

But let’s focus on Prof. Click now.

A similar incongruity and ignorance confronts us when reckoning with media coverage of my friend and colleague Melissa Click, the recently fired Mizzou professor accused of behaving badly while attempting to protect student activists who rightly continue to insist that black lives matter. A video of Melissa resisting an unannounced student photojournalist went “viral” and was framed as a violation of the first amendment; how soon we forget the right of “the people peaceably to assemble.”

For her actions, she has endured rape and death threats, because that’s just how women who piss of reactionaries are treated nowadays, and tryhards ‘splaining the First Amendment, while they can’t figure out how the free speech actually fucking works.

For many politicians and pundits, Melissa has become the stereotypical “liberal professor” who brainwashes students into left-leaning ideologies when, ironically, the Melissa I know is far from an ideologue: as a scholar and teacher of communication and critical thought, Melissa’s job — like mine — is to help students think about and voice their concerns thoughtfully. Whereas many politicians and pundits characterize Melissa as impeding free speech, I know she was actually trying to promote and protect such speech for students of color. Ironic, indeed. 

This is how an ally behaves – protecting the actual marginalized.

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Meet Prof. Click