Cat Toy Update!!

I’ve started getting boxes like it’s freakin’ Christmas and OMG you guys are the best.

I know that I have a few more coming (folks told me) and once they come in, I’ll combine them all for a huge thank you post with names and of course, a bunch of action shots.

From the bottom of the cold dead space where my heart should be, thank you all!

Cream colored cat sitting on a blue fabric bag. A stuffed mouse with feathers for a tail is next to the cat's tail
Crinkle bag preview!!
Cat Toy Update!!

Hey, Feminace? What’s up with that name?

Good question, title!

The “Femin” part should be fairly obvious.  I’m a cis lady, who occasionally likes to get all femmy’d up.  Thanks to fibro, and depression, topped with the shit cherry that is anxiety, I don’t leave my house very often, unless it’s to see the doctor or stand witness to the Merry Band of Morons, or dinner with my partner, but when I do, I sometimes like to get all dressy, put on makeup, maybe wear a dress.

And that used to be a thing I didn’t do for myself for a long time, and it just felt silly. Now, it’s for me, and here’s why:

That “-ace” part?

asexual pirates

…and this asexual pirate stopped giving a fuck about doing her pretty for anyone else the moment she came out. I feel so much more confident now, like knowing myself better.  I’ll spare you all the long drawn out story of how I came to here, but let’s just say I spent a lot of years going down the wrong road.

Or the wrong way down the road?  I don’t know.

So, it’s Asexual Awareness Week, and now you’re aware of at least one asexual in your life.  Good for you 🙂

Hey, Feminace? What’s up with that name?

Comment Policy?

…I suppose, as the hits die down from my previous post, I should probably let folks know how I operate this here blogthing.

Unlike a lot of other blogs that I enjoy and frequent and lurk, I’m not big on moderating long arguments or entertaining foolishness for very long, even if the foolishness is entertaining. So, just to be clear, especially those who seemed to have skipped the disclaimer at the end of the last post:

If you are a known quantity for being dull, or tedious, or shopping your tired ass arguments to every space available, I will snarkily reply and then ban you.  You want a place to spew your shit?  Start your own blog, I will happily ignore it.

Slurs of all sorts (sexist, homophobic, transphobic, racist, ablest and so on) are not tolerated.

Personal attacks are only allowed if I find them amusing.

Don’t bore me.

Do these sound unfair? You betcha. Because this isn’t a democracy.  You’re in Feminace-space and are here on my indulgence (as I am here on WordPress’ indulgence).  I do not have to respond to every demand for a conversation if I choose not to. I don’t owe you space or time. Too long have women of color been expected to just take other’s nonsense like some kind of mule, and I will not be your depository for fuckshit.

Now, now, it’s not all negative here at Seriously?!? I love to make people laugh as well as think, and I love it when people respond.  I love connecting with like minded folks, and I want to continue that.  I love the circles I am in, despite their troubles, and this little space is one of my contributions.

Thank you for your attention. We return back to your regularly (HA!) scheduled posting.

Comment Policy?