Some Old Lady Fell Over and Everyone’s In A Tizzy…I Think?

…or maybe I should say “Some lady”, but since Hillary’s age keeps getting brought up (did McCain get this much shit over his age when he ran?), I’ll roll with this.

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Some Old Lady Fell Over and Everyone’s In A Tizzy…I Think?

Harassment and Cat’s Eye Glasses

Every time I see the so-called “rationals” and “anti-SJWs” post a drawing of their caricature of an SJW, I wince.

See, the usual carticature is the same – fat, hairy legs and pits, hair in some color on the rainbow and, occasionally, cat’s eye glasses.

It’s the glasses that make me wince, because they remind me the anti-SJWs ‘favorite” punching bag and friend of mine, Melody Hensley.  I call her by name with her permission.  She has endured harassment from this fucks for years, driving her our of a job and causing her a great deal of mental anguish.

She’s the women in that Triggered meme that I refuse to download or post here because of how much it pisses me off.  I’ve had to ask people who had no idea of the origins of the meme to stop using it.

Why am I bringing it up now?  Because after she’s quit her job, after she is pretty much done with the secular movement, IT CONTINUES.  Again, with her permission, here is some mail she received this morning:

I hope you die in a hole, i hope you get bullied the rest of your life, your are a pathetic little bitch. you say you have ptsd, fuck no,your just a little pussy bitch who wants in someway to hurt other people cuz you feelu have been wronged, suck my fat man dick, i hope you get raped, you piece of feminist shit, go fuck yourself, oh and again, please die, people like you make the world a shittier place. all middle fingers up, pointing at you, pathetic little bitch.



i really hope u get raped by 10 guys at the same time, each hole getting fucked by 2 dicks, then they kill u n dumb ur body in a junk yard so u can finally be where u should have been from day one



i wish isis would have captured u and burned u alive, or decapitated u, those other people didnt deserve it, but you sure as hell do, femanazi, little pussy, the devils wife,burn in hell dumb bitch. i hope you become a sex slave to a man someday.


STILL. TODAY.  DO NOT FORGET THAT THIS IS HAPPENING TO PEOPLE, TO WOMEN. I wonder what Rebecca Watson’s email looks like?  What Stephanie Zvan’s? What Zoe Quinn and the other high profile Literally Who?s that Gamergate couldn’t get the fuck over?


My blog is small, but my voice is loud.

Now I wear cat’s eye glasses – a gift from another friend – and this is my message to harassing scum and the scumsuckers who defend them:



Harassment and Cat’s Eye Glasses

A SNARKY Response To “Questions Blacks Have for SJWs” Part Two

Need a drink yet? I sure do!  Let’s finish this shit up so I can have some Scotch. Why in all of the hells do I do this to myself?

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A SNARKY Response To “Questions Blacks Have for SJWs” Part Two

A SNARKY Response To “Questions Blacks Have for SJWs” Part One

Maybe I should put that “SNARKY” in flashing lights so this time people will know that I’m being silly with most of these answers, because these folks are as asleep as asleep can be.

But as they say “All my skinfolk ain’t my kinfolk”.

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A SNARKY Response To “Questions Blacks Have for SJWs” Part One

You Know What Would Be Super Great?

If TERFs, SWERFS, and other bigots would stop abusing FB’s abuse reporting every time they get their little feelings hurt.

That would be great. Better than great. Super great.

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You Know What Would Be Super Great?

Coerced Sex and The Establishment

I love The Establishment. I know some cool people who write for it, I’ve considered submitting something for it. And I still do.

But honeys, and I say this with love, y’all done fucked the entire fuck up.

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Coerced Sex and The Establishment

#nerobannedparty Time!

So after the hot garbage fire that was Twitter’s underbelly driving away Ghostbusters star and SNL cast member Leslie Jones off the platform, Twitter was lit the fuck up with people demanding the staff Do Something about the damn hot garbage fire and the one who started it.

One of the hottest most trash dumpsterest fire of them all, Milo “Aryan Youth Blond ‘Do” Yiannopoulos.  They threw his ass off, permanently.

Since then the hashtag #nerbannedparty has been making the rounds, to my ever loving delight.  But, while I’m delighting, it’s not enough.

Twitter, we shouldn’t have to bombard you every time a hot garbage fire of harassment chases someone off your platform.  For all your talk about Doing Something about this shit, you ain’t done enough shit. Judgey Bitch, banned, still pops up with a new moniker.  Notorious fake goth Cathy Brennan has gone through HOW many Twitter handles? People are still getting their mentions blown the fuck up with nonsense.

You’ve proven you can do this.  Now keep doing it. Show us that you give even a smidgen of a fuck about keeping your platform from becoming a total and complete shitshow. Users shouldn’t have to create things like Block Bot to keep themselves and those of like mind safe.  People, celebrities or non-celebrities, shouldn’t have to suffer a torrent of abuse with no way to get help.  It’s unacceptable.

As for the lovely and funny Ms. Leslie, might I suggest turning this mess into a sketch for next Saturday? Which one of your white male cohosts would look decent in a bright blonde wig?


Photo by clasesdeperiodismo

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#nerobannedparty Time!

Stale Bread Atheism

So, Martin Hughes wrote this blog post after watching a recent video by the shitmuppet known as The Amazing Atheist (who will after this be simply called “The Annoying Asshole”) where said shitmuppet responded to a video called “20 Questions Black People Have for White People”.

Some of those responses were, as we like to say in the liberal side of things, problematic. Also, some were clueless (really Teej? You have no clue how gentrification negatively affects those who LIVED THERE FIRST). Others were downright fucking racist.

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Stale Bread Atheism