About Niki

A black woman, the blog writer, upclose of her face. She is smirking, wearing a pair of large headphones and large framed glasses, with long black dreadlocks.
Hello there, darlings!


I was born a strange black child who is now in her mid-30s and somehow got even stranger.

I’m also poor, disabled, and snarky.

I am also:

  • Cisgendered (she/her/they)
  • On the asexual spectrum
  • Neurodivergent (ADD, Depression, GAD, PTSD, LMNOP)
  • Living with chronic pain and fatigue
  • Feminist with womanist leanings
  • Clinic Escort
  • Reproductive Justice/Racial Equality/Disability Rights Activist
  • Gamer
  • Geek
  • Writes dirty novels in my spare time
  • Loves the use of memes
  • Not interested in dealing with nonsense.

You may have noticed that I’m quick with a block and moderate like hardcore. That is because there are many, many places where people can go and discuss and argue  and the like.  This is not one of those places.  I try to keep my comments a safe space for me and those commenting (insert claim of “echo chamber” here.  Insert my middle finger after that). These are my thoughts and my views, and if you don’t like them, you can go elsewhere.  If you can’t figure that out for yourself, I will happily show you the door.

Maybe.  I might cuss you out first. Or make fun of you. THEN show you the door.

Don’t come for me unless I’ve sent for you.