“Look Mum, I’m Sexing a Sexbot!”

Ah, I needed this laugh.

David Futrelle, who really needs all of the beers for bravely trawling through the dredges of the MRA/PUA/whiny manchild web and digs out true gems (and really needs more beers for watching the drecky Sarkessian Effect ‘documentary’ so the rest of us didn’t have to), reported on the reaction on reddit to this campaign about the ethics of sexbots.

Now, for those just tuning in, sexbots are supposed to be the answer to us wimmin folk using poor innocent menz, for riding the ‘cock carousel’ until we’re the old age of like 25 or worse, 30, then we ‘trick’ some nice guy into being legally stuck for us and any brats we were too silly to have on said carousel.

Don’t worry, It doesn’t make any sense to me either.  I don’t think it’s supposed to make sense in Earth logic.

So yeah, once science evolves and creates these sexbots, then all these men will flock to them, and us ladyfolk will surely be sorry, we shure will!

On the real, I honestly don’t care.  Wait, I take that back. I welcome our sexbot future.  Bring them on.  For those unable to get the sex they need, they could be a boon.  And for whiny manchildren who feel offended that they have to make any sort of effort to get their dicks wet, it’s a perfect solution.  Great, I say. Men Going Their Own Way, go on.  PUA’s, these girls don’t require negs.  And MRAs, you hate us bitches anyway.  What do you care?  Go nuts!

But a couple of ethicists have concerns, start a campaign, write a paper, and suddenly it’s the feminists wanting to take their toys away before they even get a chance to play.

You can read that last link for some of the best reddit quotes ever.  I won’t rehash.

But I will laugh.  Hard.

Because if you think getting them sexbots will make these fuckers go away, you’ve got another thing coming.

Because it’s not about sex.  It’s never been about sex.

It’s the feeling one of privilege gets whining about how unprivileged they are. Man, that’s a high the hardest orgasm can’t beat.

If they get what they want, then they can’t complain anymore.  What, you have to make an effort to get consenting sex from a living breathing human being, and you don’t want to?  Well, get a sex bot.  They’ll never say ‘no’ or critique your performance or make you feel bad.

It’s not enough.

What I think is going to happen, should this ‘glorious’ future come to be, is that we’re going to get the same fuckers whining.  It’ll just be a different sort of whining.

First, the price.  “I have to pay HOW MUCH to get one?”

Then the price drops. “I have to pay HOW MUCH to get a quality one?”

And then…

“Look at what I can get now, you uggo feminazis! Look at me! All the sex I want.  All of it!  Look!  Can’t you see!  Aren’t you angry!  I bet you’re so mad.  I bet there’s all kinds of sand in your vag!  I got what I want, but I can’t even enjoy it without thinking how mad you are!  It’s actually how I get off, but I won’t admit it!”

Why? Let’s rephrase that:

“Look at what I can do now, mummy!  Look at me! Look! Can’t you see! Aren’t you looking, mummy! I bet you’re so proud!”

…and that’s why. its not so much that they want no effort sex with a hawt babe, they want everyone to KNOW they can get no effort sex with a hawt babe and that it makes someone they don’t like angry.

Even if they have to manufacture that angry.

And that’s why I will laugh. Hard.

“Look Mum, I’m Sexing a Sexbot!”