A Biased Timeline of Events – The Amazing Atheist’s Racism

There will be a bias, of course, because I’m black, and I’m an atheist, and I can’t stand the fucker.  Understand?

I’m also not linking to any of his shit videos, because I don’t want to give him any more hits.  You want to see it, you’ve got Google, kay?


  • June 23 – Teej releases a response video to a response video (YouTube does tend to host some seriously Inception-style response wankery) to Buzzfeed’s 24 Questions Black People have for White People. As I pointed out in my previous post about this, the answers ranged from ignorant as hell to outright fucking racist, including a deep misunderstanding of the consequences of gentrification and the reasons behind the high crime rate of black people.
  • June 29 – Martin Hughes wrote about said video, pointing out all the ways Teej got it fucking wrong. Said post was then flooded by some stale ass atheists and fans of AA.
  • June 29 – Teej replies in a video to Martin’s post. It wasn’t very useful in disproving his claim that he isn’t a racist, even going as far as to say racism isn’t his problem. Why he bothers flapping his yap about it can only be explained by the sound of money. It’s pathetic as hell.
  • June 30 – Martin writes another blog response, laying down some more serious truths, and making me laugh with the URL of the actual post.
  • July 1st – Martin has an online interview with Steve Shives to discuss WTF has happened with this mess.
  • July 2nd – Teej seeks out Martin and they have a five hour conversation that surprise! ends in a stalemate, because Teej is a selfish asshole doing the self-absorbed white guy shtick for clicks and cash.  (all while his fans accuse Martin of wanting attention. Ugh)
  • July 3rd – In response to that conversation and various comments by fans, Martin writes up a satire post about how we black folks can stop being such a ‘victim cult’.  We’ll get right on that ‘stop being part of black culture’ thing right away.
  • July 3th – After a whole heck of lot of negative comments, Teej states in his podcast that he would like to have Martin on his show.  Because five hours of banging his head against the wall of selfish ignorance wasn’t enough. Martin has refused.
  • July 4th – Happy Independence Day.  Fireworks, grilled meats and veggies, and 37 tweets from Teej about this incident, including a link to my fellow Orbiter Chris Hall’s post.  If you want a more in depth breakdown of this shitshow, check that article out.  Teej has promised his fans that ‘all will become clear’ or some shit, so we wait to see what he can pull out of his racist, sexist, cash hungry ass.

I’ll update as things occur.  I know I’m missing a few things – other responses by Teej’s buddies and fans on YouTube, other interviews by Matthew Facciani and Andrew Hall, but I wanted to keep things as bare bones as possible, while insulting the Annoying Asshole at every chance I could get.  Because I’m petty like that.

Besides, I hate to tell you, white folks, but y’all are saying the same shit atheists of color have been screaming for YEARS.  But thanks for catching up anyway.

And I know, I know, this is just giving the man more unnecessary attention, but it’s not about him. It’s about those fans that liked and shared that first garbage fire of a video. Those people are the ones that make me nervous about being in atheist spaces that don’t explicitly have some sort of social justice bent.

So, yeah.

I’m ending this with a direct quote from Martin himself, with his permission of course..  I asked him privately how he was handling the sudden attention avalanche. His answer:

“…I can say that I respond to it, insofar as I feel is important. To be honest, I appreciate the way this controversy highlights some points I’ve been making for some time. It’s depressing to find out that some parts of atheism are more ignorantly racist than I anticipated. At the same time, there is a surprising base of support. It’s a bit like stepping away from Christianity — you’re always a bit apprehensive before you know atheists have your back. In calling out The Amazing Atheist, I had the same apprehension at first. But knowing that I have the support I do makes me much more confident. I just want other minorities thinking about becoming atheists to know this, too — a major, influential part of the general atheist “culture” in the United States does have your back.”

A Biased Timeline of Events – The Amazing Atheist’s Racism