Stale Bread Atheism

So, Martin Hughes wrote this blog post after watching a recent video by the shitmuppet known as The Amazing Atheist (who will after this be simply called “The Annoying Asshole”) where said shitmuppet responded to a video called “20 Questions Black People Have for White People”.

Some of those responses were, as we like to say in the liberal side of things, problematic. Also, some were clueless (really Teej? You have no clue how gentrification negatively affects those who LIVED THERE FIRST). Others were downright fucking racist.

Martin explained that this is one of the reasons why blacks atheists turn back to Christianity.  Now, I’m not with him on that conclusion at all, but we both agree that having one of the most popular atheists on YouTube spout clueless racist shit and get hundreds of thousands of people not only watching, but liking the video.  I mean, granted, it’s The Annoying Asshole, and he gets his bread and butter from being an annoying asshole, but fucking still.

How the fuck do you think that feels to know that? Sure doesn’t make me feel welcome. And while I’d rather juggle an angry porcupine than attend a church service, it sure makes it difficult for me to claim the atheist moniker.

If that doesn’t scream “We’re sick of hearing about your problems, black people”, then what else will?  Shit like this and the whining about “identity politics” (which us reasonable people call “intersectionality” ) and how it’s ruining everything.

Fuck, “SJW”, a term that some of us have taken back from the regressives, is thrown around like a damned insult – BY OTHER LEFTISTS.

Well, this liberal leftist SJD (Social Justice Demon, if you please) lives, eats and fucking breathes “identity politics”, and she’s looking at the comments to Martin’s post and seeing a lot of folks to want to keep atheism as stale as possible. By ‘stale’, I mean keeping the status quo because it’s easier than change.

No change, no renewal, no refreshing, no new moves.  Just “Hey, there’s no God, yo.” and that’s it.

How boring. How dull.  How stale.

Because bringing in new blood, attracting new people into the movement with different backgrounds and perspectives and experiences, making a name for ourselves in the national dialogue might actually require some fucking effort, some understanding, some sitting the fuck down and listening, and some changes, people immediately reel back.

oh, and fuck you very much
oh, and fuck you very much

Oh noes, you’re tired of hearing about Black Lives Matter? We’re tired of being shot dead in the streets by cops.  You’re tired of hearing about feminism? We’re tired of the fucking patriarchy. You’re tired of hearing about trans issues? I’m pretty fucking sure they’re tired of being treated like jokes and perverts and being MURDERED.

Just because you got tired of hearing about it don’t mean it’s over.  Right now, atheism has a chance to grow, to bring back those minorities who left because it was Old White Guys all of the time forever amen.  But we have to stop treating serious issues like fads that go out of style.  My reproductive rights are not Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers, okay? If you don’t want to “deal with it” anymore, shut up and get out of my way.

Or you could not, and leave this movement to get stale and hard and useless.

Every goddamn person who liked that video ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Every goddamn complainer commenting on Martin’s post ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Stale Bread Atheism
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7 thoughts on “Stale Bread Atheism

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    Justin Tinderbox’s Timberlake’s inane response to Jesse Williams’s speech and the blowback he received is why it’s best for white people (e.g. me) to shut up and listen, to only speak if it’s constructive, helpful and carefully thought through. (Just because the speaker thinks it is doesn’t make it so.)

    In person, it’s possible to contribute, help, or stand shoulder to shoulder and show solidarity without saying something stupid a word. That’s not as easy online where silence looks like indifference.

    From my dictionary, unrelated to anything in this post….

    underfoot (adj.)
    1. under the feet, walked on
    2. in the way, hindering progress

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    This kind of crap is why I’ve pretty much just given up on movement atheism per se. Fighting for progressive causes is the best way to promote secularism anyway, and in a more just and equal society, religion tends to fade on its own.

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    Oh the comments… oh my stars and garters. White people won’t even CONSIDER addressing racism unless you reassure them that they’re good and perfect and don’t need to change, and that only some other “those people” are responsible for racism. And when you don’t, half of them turn out to be actively and aggressively racist rather than just swimming in the background cultural bigotry they were raised in.

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