Here’s a pic of my boobies


Ok, so that wasn’t fair. How about I show my tit….


…mouse. This isn’t going how you expected, huh? Would an ass make up for it? Mine is kind of a big deal.


I guess telling you that this will end with a shag will not get your hopes up?


To make it up to you, here’s my pussy:


If you are still reading this, 1) bless you for putting up with this and 2) help spread my grandma’s fundraiser, around? Help me help her and I’ll be too tired to write silly posts like this. Or, I’ll be encouraged and keep doing it. Either way, my grandma could use some help. We all know certain orange people won’t help Puerto Rico. I’d insert a picture of an orangutan here, but that comparison would be insulting to orangutans. They’re going through enough.

(Striked thru text is not applicable anymore)

Here’s a pic of my boobies

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