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So, since the launch of The Orbit, the usual subjects have been chittering away about nonsense. Since I’m a relative unknown, I don’t get most of that nonsense, so I can’t and won’t comment for now.

But then I got this screenshot:

Calling you on your bullshit isn't an "attack", Mark.
Calling you on your bullshit isn’t an “attack”, Mark.

Oh bother.  I’m going to have to rehash this shit again for those new to me and new to what this guy’s problem is.  Again, because I’ve already talked about it last November and since then, I’ve been updated by the awesome Diana B of Kansas City Freethinkers about his case against the professor who assaulted his precious camera, all caught on edited film (would love to see the full 22 minutes, instead of the 6 that got shown on Fox News and Breitbart).

Such updates include offering to drop the case if she sat down for a recorded talk with him about free speech, for example. Between that and the fuckery that was at Skepticon, it seems that he really does seem more interested in himself than anything resembling the issue of racism at Mizzou.

Mr. Schierbecker, it’s past time to let this shit go. If you actually gave half a damn about your fellow students of color, you should really quit whining about being “attacked” and actually show some support. Stop making this about you, and about the freedom of the press/typical misunderstanding of free speech (which by your own admission was more of your freedom to not wait until an official press conference to get your fucking photos).

You weren’t being attacked when blog posts, including mine, were written to point out what an ass you were being. You were being criticized, and I really wish people would learn the fucking difference already. It makes you sound entitled as hell and if you can’t see the irony of a white guy complaining about not being able to shove his way into the privacy of black folks, then you never will. Your claim to being “attacked” is about as strong as your claim that a little camera shove and a call for “muscle” (who didn’t even touch you, or I’m sure you would have mentioned it) is “assault”.

For those just tuning in and wondering when all of this started, behold the video of his supposed Q and A at Skepticon 8:

And that’s all I have to say about it.  For now.


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This Fucking Guy