Life is Chaos Right Now, and We Could Use Your Help

I hope to soon be back to posting regularly, especially since it’s imperative to keep up with the fuckery Chitler and his white supremacist friends are engaging in, but things in my personal life have pretty much exploded.

I’ve been helping my friend B recover from a serious medical crisis. His brothers are in no way supportive, and when we tried to take him home, his younger brother assaulted him. He has a legal right to live in the home he leases with them, but for his health and safety, he’s decided not to go back. He’ll be staying with me for the time being.

Unfortunately, his brothers decided to pull this shit on him when our house was filling up with people: we’ve got a completely adorable couple moving into the room B’s been using, and a poor guy who’s stuck in the States while trying to satisfy Canadian immigration living in the office upstairs. So later today, B and I have to completely remake my room so we can share it, which includes packing most of my stuff off into storage. Then we have to figure out how five people are all going to manage to share one bathroom. It’ll be a bit rough at times, but we’ll make it.

I will admit that this neurodivergent introvert is going to have some moments of losing her shit before she adjusts. There may be occasional freakouts. At least B’s really good at bearing with me. And I figure this is great practice for possibly having to bunch up in a remote hideout if we have to become guerillas or something.

This is only a temporary situation: we’re hoping to move to a place of our own within two or three months. Then there’ll be room to breathe.

These next few weeks are going to be hard, folks. I found out why I wasn’t getting my checks from my main blogging job and will be getting paid in two to three weeks, but rent is due now. B and I are going to be splitting the rent, but we’ll need money for deposits for a new place. We should both have day jobs by the end of this month as long as nothing falls through, but we could use help in the meantime. If you can donate to help get us on our feet more quickly, please use the link below.

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Life is Chaos Right Now, and We Could Use Your Help

Questions for You, My Darlings!

Bags are packed, batteries charged, hotel and rental car booked – going adventuring! I’ve got a friend and colleague visiting, and he’s kindly provided the funds necessary to take us to not one, but two volcanoes. We’re starting with Mount Rainier, and then spending all day Tuesday at Mount St. Helens. I should have very many delicious photos for you soon, my loves.

Whilst I’m away, I figured I’d ask you a few good questions: Continue reading “Questions for You, My Darlings!”

Questions for You, My Darlings!

Summer Cold Forces Tough Choices

Well, my darlings, it’s happened: I finally succumbed to a virus. I’d been dodging the silly buggers for two years, but of course almost the instant I get a day job, I get a cold to go with it. And I got sick on the weekend when I was supposed to be finishing Really Terrible Bible Stories volume 3: Leviticus, which is due out at the end of the week. I can’t delay publication because reasons. Namely: I’m going to be on Atheists Talk Radio on Sunday talking about life, the universe, and my really terrible book series. This is the first time I’ve had an opportunity to do anything like a formal book release with publicity, and I ain’t letting no damn head cold stop me!

(HUGE thank-you to the Atheists Talk folks for deciding I’m an atheist worth talking to!)

On top of being sick, they’re cutting down an enormous and dangerous tree on the property and have set up the woodchipper right outside my window, where it serenades me all day long. This has not been helping me sleep off sickness.

I’m now past the ZOMG-I’m-dying phase and into the hmm-food-apparently-does-have-flavor phase, but I have limited energy. So I’m afraid that blogging will have to take a backseat to editing and formatting this week. I’ll try to get our Escape post up, at least, and probably there will be another RTBS vol. 3 excerpt for Tier 2 members. Continue reading “Summer Cold Forces Tough Choices”

Summer Cold Forces Tough Choices

Good News and Bad News: Why I’ve Been Absent

Hello, long-suffering readers who by now are possibly wondering if I’ll ever return! There’s good news: I’ll soon be back.

Also good news: the reason I’ve gone missing from the blogosphere is because I got a job! It’s an awesome job. It’s with a progressive, grassroots non-profit that does things like help press for universal healthcare and other social justice causes. They fought for the minimum wage rise in Seattle, and currently are working to get minimum wage raised throughout the state. After I’ve been there a bit longer and am comfortable with details, I’ll tell you all about who we are and what we do.

This is me hard at work:

Image shows me standing by a tree, with a street and buildings visible in the sunshine behind me. I've got my tan Mount St. Helens hat on. I'm holding petitions that say "Yes on I-1491. Save Lives. Empower Families."
Moi with petitions for a really awesome gun control measure.

(In case you’re a Washington resident and you’re wondering: yes. If someone thrusts a petition for I-1491 in your face, and you are one of those folks who wants to do something that will cut down on domestic violence homicides and mass shootings, sign this. It’ll help take guns out of the hands of people who’ve told their families they’re either going to shoot them or someone else. We’re circulating that one and one for protecting vulnerable people like seniors and people who need in-home care from identity theft. Great causes!)

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Good News and Bad News: Why I’ve Been Absent

Intrepid Explorer Kitteh

Sorry for the spotty coverage, my darlings! It’s been a terribly fraught few days. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. A bunch of predators who’d been lurking in the shadows got outed by a lot of very courageous people.
  2. A lot of abusive assholes got caught up in the general atmosphere of “we’re not gonna take it anymore!”
  3. Aunty Flow arrived in the midst of this and is giving me one of the worst cycles in recent memory. I mean, I haven’t hurt this bad in years.
  4. I’ve been frantically applying for jobs.
  5. A friend messaged me out of the blue needing me to take them to detox. And while they chose a science-based program that refuses to have anything to do with AA or other 12-step nonsense, it’s still extremely hard to leave a person you care about on the doorstep of people who are going to lock them up for five or six days with absolutely no way of contacting you to let you know they’re okay, or to ask for assurance it’s going to be okay. I fucking HATE the way we do rehab and detox in this country.
  6. Moar predators got outed.
  7. Aunty decided to double-down on the whole “let’s kill Dana!” idea.
  8. And then, just as things were beginning to calm down and I was getting the last of the dust and cramps settled, Misha decided to go be Intrepid Explorer Kitteh.

There are so many problems with Number 8. I shall list them in bullet form: Continue reading “Intrepid Explorer Kitteh”

Intrepid Explorer Kitteh

Where I’ve Been – Plus Mount St. Helens Pics!

Sorry for the abrupt hiatus there, my darlings. See, C was out of town, and I took the opportunity to indulge myself in some fiction writing. It sort of took over for a while there. I wrote just over 6,000 words, and still have not finished this chapter that has been plaguing my existence since March, and when it’s finished I will have to do some merciless hack-and-slash to reduce it to a more manageable size, but I learned a hell of a lot. I also ushered an older cis het white dude offstage, and replaced him with an absolutely awesome Duwamish guy, who I’ll tell you all about in a new post here soon.

Those of you who don’t already should completely follow me on Facebook, because that’s where you’ll learn what’s happened when I bugger off with no word, and you’ll also get lots of mini-blog posts per day. You’ll also get Misha. Who wouldn’t want photos of a cranky old kitty?

There will be some Important and Exciting News coming up soon. June is going to be a rather Important and Exciting month, in fact, so definitely stay tuned.

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Where I’ve Been – Plus Mount St. Helens Pics!

Early Access Has Begun! Donate Today for Exclusive Perks

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Early access for ETEV donors begins today! If you’ve donated in the last few months, you should have received a password in the email you used for your PayPal donation. Please let me know if you’ve donated, but haven’t received your password.

If you haven’t donated, but want to get in on all this early access awesomeness, there’s still time! You can donate at any time to unlock early access content.

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Early Access Has Begun! Donate Today for Exclusive Perks

Saying Hasta Luego to Boo and Pipa

N’s moving out today. Alas, I have not been able to talk him into letting his fur babies live with us, and so today’s the day we bid adieu to Pipa and Boo. I’m going to be spending quite a lot of today watching over the kiddos while their daddy moves his stuff. Then I have to say goodbye, which is going to leave me briefly shattered – I mean, I know I’ll see them again from time to time, but I’ll still miss having them around. Especially Boo, who has spent these last weeks upsetting Misha and snuggling with me.

Image shows Boo, a kitty with a white belly and a black mask and splotches, lying on her back while I rub her tummy.

I’ll miss taking Pipa out for walks, too. She was a great one for forcing me out of the house.

Image shows Pipa, a minature pinscher, standing in Aoife's lap and giving her a kiss on the nose while Aoife grins.
Pipa got along famously with Aoife. Aren’t they totes adorbs?!

But our new housemate C is bringing in two glorious new kitties, and so the void will be somewhat filled by new fuzzy faces. Continue reading “Saying Hasta Luego to Boo and Pipa”

Saying Hasta Luego to Boo and Pipa

What Kind of Perks Would You Like?


All righty. I’ve been working on various perks and extras I can offer to my dearly-beloved donors. I think I’ve got some fairly decent stuff going, but if you can think of additional perks, I’ll be glad to add them. Here’s what I’ve got so far: Continue reading “What Kind of Perks Would You Like?”

What Kind of Perks Would You Like?

OHAI! I’m Back!

I’ve returned from my brief blogcation, my darlings! Sorry about that hiatus. I got to writing stuff by hand and suddenly felt like not touching a computer at all. Hence, no posts.

Image shows a gray and white cat with huge sunglasses on. Caption says, "Another Pina Colada plz, and teh pool boy's phone #."

If you follow me on Facebook, you know I’ve been productive, though! I’ve written several installments in our Escape review and a couple of ACE posts for our Adventures in Christianist Earth Science Education series. I’m a third of the way through our next Really Terrible Bible Stories volume. I’ve at least busted out the notes for our next Cataclysm post, and will write that up as soon as my brain stops cowering at the complexity of it. (Seriously, brain, it’s not that bad!)

I also wrote some fiction, and daydreamed about my story world a lot, and then took an actual day off in which I didn’t write anything more than a few Facebook status updates. Misha and I cuddled, napped, and read a lovely sporking of the third Fifty Shades of Shit book. We caught up on other book recaps, too. And napped. Did I mention the napping? Continue reading “OHAI! I’m Back!”

OHAI! I’m Back!