We Can Haz Geokittehs Stoar!

Yes, a store! And you can get stuff with Geokittehs on it! Evelyn is amazing – we kicked this idea around for about twenty seconds, and the next thing I knew, it was a reality. While she’s busy with her thesis, no less. And I haven’t even posted a Geokitteh in ages!

I am so lame. Thankfully, Evelyn is not. Neither is the first offering: a Stalacatite.

The proceeds will be used to fund those geology field trips Evelyn and I keep meaning to take and never quite get round to, us being on opposite sides of the world and stuff. But that’s not all! 10% is going to fund no-kill kitteh shelters. And what do you get? Awesome geology with cats on, that’s what.

This is a very much a work-in-progress. So, what sort of geokitteh-themed stuff would you guys want? And do you have any geokittehs you’d particularly like us to include? Let us know!

We Can Haz Geokittehs Stoar!