“But we had the best of times. The best.”

– Tenth Doctor, “Journey’s End”



Image shows Misha, a black and white tuxedo cat, sitting contemplatively in my lap as I read a geology book.

Misha Hunter, 3/1994 —6/5/2017


Image shows Suzanne, wearing a glittery ball cap and flashing a peace sign, and me taking a selfie with Mount St. Helens behind us.

Suzanne Buck, 10/15/19(polite cough) — 4/21/2017

They were a part of this cantina from beginning to end. There will never be a day when I don’t miss them. You would think that after two years I would have the words to memorialize them, but they occupied a space in my life that is beyond any words I can muster.

I will carry you with me, always. Those times with you were the greatest gift the universe ever gave.


The cantina is closed, but its posts will stay right here. Please visit the Unconformity, where new adventures will be coming soon. Adios, mis amigos y amigas. Hasta que nos veamos de nuevo…


We Can Haz Geokittehs Stoar!

Yes, a store! And you can get stuff with Geokittehs on it! Evelyn is amazing – we kicked this idea around for about twenty seconds, and the next thing I knew, it was a reality. While she’s busy with her thesis, no less. And I haven’t even posted a Geokitteh in ages!

I am so lame. Thankfully, Evelyn is not. Neither is the first offering: a Stalacatite.

The proceeds will be used to fund those geology field trips Evelyn and I keep meaning to take and never quite get round to, us being on opposite sides of the world and stuff. But that’s not all! 10% is going to fund no-kill kitteh shelters. And what do you get? Awesome geology with cats on, that’s what.

This is a very much a work-in-progress. So, what sort of geokitteh-themed stuff would you guys want? And do you have any geokittehs you’d particularly like us to include? Let us know!

We Can Haz Geokittehs Stoar!