Questions for You, My Darlings!

Bags are packed, batteries charged, hotel and rental car booked – going adventuring! I’ve got a friend and colleague visiting, and he’s kindly provided the funds necessary to take us to not one, but two volcanoes. We’re starting with Mount Rainier, and then spending all day Tuesday at Mount St. Helens. I should have very many delicious photos for you soon, my loves.

Whilst I’m away, I figured I’d ask you a few good questions:

1. …. Gods damn it, now I can’t think of a good question.

2. Okay. Here’s one goodish one: Please tell me what subjects you’d like me to blog about. Are there things I haven’t been blogging about that you’d like to get my take on?

3. Do you want me to bring back the fun stuff like Mystery Flora and Saturday Song? Will you participate if I do? (You can participate on Facebook or G+, fyi. I won’t make you log in here at The Orbit if it’s bothersome.)

4. Would you like me to post more fiction, and posts about fiction?

5. Who wants to join my cheerleading squad? Only instead of pom poms you wield a cat o’ nine tails and another whip of your choice, and menace me with them when I need extra motivation. This will be a special and exclusive list. I’ll be calling upon you when I need that nice, energizing adrenaline rush that comes from being menaced by a carefully-chosen squad of motivators.

That should do it. I’ll try to get a post up from the road for ye, but if I don’t, I’ll see you back here Wednesday with many lots of grand adventuring photos. Also, if you’re ever in Seattle and wish to be taken personally to see our local volcanoes, let me know! We can most likely arrange something, weather permitting.

Image shows me standing in a meadow with Mount Rainier in the background, doing a Vannah White impression. Beside me are blue letters outlined in white saying Gone Adventuring.

Questions for You, My Darlings!

8 thoughts on “Questions for You, My Darlings!

  1. rq

    #1: There’s always the old standbys like ‘favourite colour’, ‘favourite rock’ and ‘favourite time to nap’. :)
    #2: Any new RTBS in the line-up? Misha’s antics or just general cuteness. Rocks by colour (pick a colour and write about rocks/minerals in that colour, incl. chemical composition and why they’re that colour). Annnd I think last time you asked there were a few topics that were interesting that I can’t remember now but I think would still be interesting. I know that’s vague and odd-sounding, alas I am afraid it’s the best I can do right now.
    #3 – 5: Yes.

  2. 4

    Have fun!

    Q2. “Please tell me what subjects you’d like me to blog about. Are there things I haven’t been blogging about that you’d like to get my take on?”

    Astronomy & astrogeology esp. Pluto, but that was predictable from me wasn’t it?

    Botany and mystery flora although I’m out of my jurisdiction with most non-Aussie plants.

    History, politics, the world generally Oh & also whatever you want to blog about. Which, sorry, probl’y ain’t that helpful but still.

    3. Do you want me to bring back the fun stuff like Mystery Flora and Saturday Song? Will you participate if I do?

    Yes, definitely and prob’ly & will try to although I’ve been struggling to find as much time as I used to lately.

    Q4 & 5 Yes and yes.

    Also I hope you know I think you are a marvellous person and writer and really rock and thankyou for one superb blog. Y’know the one you write. Despite Misha’s best efforts to thwart you.

  3. 5

    1. I will therefore assume the answer is 42.

    2. Doesn’t seem to have been as much social justice warrioring lately. I assume you are still battling on, but do enjoy reading about it :) Also anything that makes you smile to write about.

    3. I miss the unidentified flying dinosaurs. Pictures of interesting cliffs and canyons are always appreciated too.

    4. Absolutely.

    5. I mean, it depends on what we’re motivating you for… I’m more in way of nit-picking results than nagging to get things done, so if you’ve got a list of editors-in-waiting, I’d like to go there.

  4. 6

    About #2: how the Pacific Northwest grew over geological time. I’m proposing that because it seems more manageable than how North America grew or what the continents were like on the past. Or would you prefer some non-geoblogging requests?

    About #3: if it isn’t too hard on you, I’d like to see more of that.

    About #4: you could tell us what you think makes an interesting story, interesting characters, etc. Or you could write “I was there” stories about notable events in the geologic past, like the Columbia River Basin giant floods of 15,000 – 13,000 years ago.

  5. 7

    1. Regardless, the answer is 42.

    2. Did you ever have the misfortune to watch Pompeii like we were all clamouring for you to do way back when it came out? I would greatly enjoy a sporking of that movie featuring much geology. I also like rq’s idea about rocks grouped by colour. Relatedly, how do you arrange the books on your bookshelf? A friend of mine does hers by colour, and it is visually striking, but controversial among our social circle.

    3. A thousand times yes! Especially dinosaurs, but only because I’m good at IDing those :P

    4. Also yes! I was enjoying the one with the unicorns and the poetry.

    5. I can try. I have motivation issues of my own, though (they involve butterflies).

    Also, just generally, keep up the fantastic work! Even when I’m not commenting much, I look forward to all your Adventures in Christianist Earth Sciences and Escape posts, along with all the other wonderful content here and at Rosetta Stones.

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