Life is Chaos Right Now, and We Could Use Your Help

I hope to soon be back to posting regularly, especially since it’s imperative to keep up with the fuckery Chitler and his white supremacist friends are engaging in, but things in my personal life have pretty much exploded.

I’ve been helping my friend B recover from a serious medical crisis. His brothers are in no way supportive, and when we tried to take him home, his younger brother assaulted him. He has a legal right to live in the home he leases with them, but for his health and safety, he’s decided not to go back. He’ll be staying with me for the time being.

Unfortunately, his brothers decided to pull this shit on him when our house was filling up with people: we’ve got a completely adorable couple moving into the room B’s been using, and a poor guy who’s stuck in the States while trying to satisfy Canadian immigration living in the office upstairs. So later today, B and I have to completely remake my room so we can share it, which includes packing most of my stuff off into storage. Then we have to figure out how five people are all going to manage to share one bathroom. It’ll be a bit rough at times, but we’ll make it.

I will admit that this neurodivergent introvert is going to have some moments of losing her shit before she adjusts. There may be occasional freakouts. At least B’s really good at bearing with me. And I figure this is great practice for possibly having to bunch up in a remote hideout if we have to become guerillas or something.

This is only a temporary situation: we’re hoping to move to a place of our own within two or three months. Then there’ll be room to breathe.

These next few weeks are going to be hard, folks. I found out why I wasn’t getting my checks from my main blogging job and will be getting paid in two to three weeks, but rent is due now. B and I are going to be splitting the rent, but we’ll need money for deposits for a new place. We should both have day jobs by the end of this month as long as nothing falls through, but we could use help in the meantime. If you can donate to help get us on our feet more quickly, please use the link below.

I’m horribly behind on getting passwords out to new donors, but I’ll get you covered by the end of the weekend. If your regular email address is different than the one you use for PayPal, please drop me a note at dhunterauthor at gmail with the name you donated under so I can get you properly set.

I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep blogging wise. I will definitely be posting substantial stuff here at least three times a week, and my output may increase once we get settled into the new configuration. I’m just exhausted, all of my stress buttons have been hit and held down, and if I don’t dial back a bit, I won’t be of any use to anyone at all. I will always be posting political snippets on Facebook, though, so please do follow me there for updates on what the regime is up to. Most of my posts are public.

If you know of a good place for B and I to land in the Seattle area, please do let me know. We’re looking for a small house or mother-in-law unit that allows cats. I prefer two bedroom, but he and I can make it work with a one bed. And we’ll be happy to find a good roomie if it’s a larger place and we need an extra person. He’s about the most easy-going person to live with of all time, so if you’re all like “Holy shit! An opportunity to live with Dana! I’LL TAKE IT!” and want to go house hunting with us, feel free to let me know. We’ll meet up and see if all of us get on. If so, we will create the perfect refuge home for all of us. I hope you like kittens, because there will be kittens. Well, as soon as Misha allows them.

I won’t be around much for the rest of this week while we get things moved around and paperwork sorted, but hopefully, I’ll be back in full by Sunday. I’ll post my new playlist of I-will-fuck-you-up songs this Saturday – it is full of delicious angry music that will help you in all of your Nazi-punching endeavors.*

This is going to be a rough transition, and it could still fall through, but I think it’s going to be extremely positive for me and B both. And if it does fall through, it should be no problem for me to just stay here with S for the time being. So ultimately, I’ll be okay.

And, remarkably, I’ve still got Misha. She’s old and decrepit, but she’s so far shown no signs she plans to leave me free to foster kittens, so the old girl may be getting one more home yet.

Thanks for sticking with me. I’ll see you in a few days. And I’ll be there with you on Facebook in my spare moments to keep an eye on the regime and support the people fighting it.

Image shows me and Misha with our heads together. Caption says, "Help keep the Verdad Flowing!"

*Metaphorical and alternative punching included

Life is Chaos Right Now, and We Could Use Your Help