Dana Hunter’s Gneiss Schist: Stores and Edutainment

You can find Dana Hunter’s Gneiss Schist in a lot of places! Here they are in one convenient page:

Dana Hunter’s Books

My books Really Terrible Bible Stories vol. I: Genesis and Really Terrible Bible Stories vol. 2: Exodus are now available at Amazon!

Dana Hunter’s Gneiss Schist at Red Bubble

Do you love Dana’s photographic exploits? Would you like some of her art on your wall, on your body, or in your hand? Go to her Red Bubble store for prints, clothing, drinkwear, stickers, and more!

Image is a photograph of a line of turtles sunning on a log. It's been rotated vertically, and they are perfectly reflected in the blue water, so it looks like a double stack of turtles. Beside it is a black strip with a vertical caption that says, "Turtles All the Way Down"
“Turtles All the Way Down”

Dana Hunter’s Gneiss Schist on Zazzle

Awesome unique cards for the holidays await you here!

Image is a photo of a lump of coal and a piece of gneiss. They've been filtered as a watercolor. Caption says, "Gnaughty or gneiss."
Card Interior.

Dana Hunter’s Gneiss Schist on CafePress

You’ll find wall skins, calendars, and more right here!

Image shows the artwork for the top of the calendar.

Dana Hunter’s YouTube Channel

Ready to be edutained? My YouTube channel features lots of educational videos, plus close encounters with nature, and sometimes cats.

Image shows a snow-covered Mount St. Helens with a little inset picture of me standing in front of a huge rock and pointing up at it.

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