Early Access Has Begun! Donate Today for Exclusive Perks

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Early access for ETEV donors begins today! If you’ve donated in the last few months, you should have received a password in the email you used for your PayPal donation. Please let me know if you’ve donated, but haven’t received your password.

If you haven’t donated, but want to get in on all this early access awesomeness, there’s still time! You can donate at any time to unlock early access content.

Here’s what you’ll get with your donation:

Tier 1 Early Access (under $25):

Folks who have donated less than $25 in the past few months will get early access to the following:

  1. Escape reviews
  2. Adventures in Christianist Earth Science Education posts.
  3. An ETEV exclusive early look at upcoming Rosetta Stones geology posts. (These will only be available on ETEV under password protection, not to be released here for at least one year. They’ll be on Rosetta Stones in about 30 days.)
  4. More perks to be determined.

Now, that’s not to say people who can’t donate won’t get to see this stuff. You’ll just have to wait a bit. I’m still deciding on the delay, but it won’t be any more than a month for most content.

Tier 2 Early Access plus Extras ($25 or more, or Patreon Subscriber):

This level includes all of the Tier 1 perks, plus

  • Access to original fiction by Dana Hunter (short stories, novellas, and possibly a novel or two)
  • Free PDF copies of books (limit 1 per person)
  • Exclusive discounts on items at Red Bubble and elsewhere.
  • Plus additional perks

Activate awesomeness! Donate today!

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Early Access Has Begun! Donate Today for Exclusive Perks

4 thoughts on “Early Access Has Begun! Donate Today for Exclusive Perks

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    Not sure how else to contact you.

    I would like to read the Adventures in ACE XIX post, but it requires a password and I don’t seem to have one. How do I set up a password?

  2. 3

    If you’ve donated, the password was sent to the email you donated with. Remember to check your spam folder! If you didn’t get your password, send me an email at dhunterauthor at gmail with the name and email you donated with. If you haven’t donated, you can either make a donation to get access now, or wait for the content to become publicly accessible in a month or two.

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