We Have a Poet Laureate!

I just want to draw your attention to the Official Poem of En Tequila es Verdad:

tremendous wine

tremendous wine, electrically translucent,
whisper every puppet so manuscripts release dreams.
imagine a fermented monkey–funny beneath lime.

-courtesy of The Magnetic Poet, Nicole

Yes, this is what she’s capable of given a handful of fridge magnets. Now just imagine how good she is when she gets to use any word she wants. If you’re suffering from a lack of imagination today, you can go see for yourself.

“tremendous wine” is the perfect poem for this blog. I love wine. I love tequila. I love writing. This poem celebrates wine and writing, and it’s got a lime in it, which goes well with tequila. Perfecto!

Gracias, Nikkita!

We Have a Poet Laureate!