Summer Cold Forces Tough Choices

Well, my darlings, it’s happened: I finally succumbed to a virus. I’d been dodging the silly buggers for two years, but of course almost the instant I get a day job, I get a cold to go with it. And I got sick on the weekend when I was supposed to be finishing Really Terrible Bible Stories volume 3: Leviticus, which is due out at the end of the week. I can’t delay publication because reasons. Namely: I’m going to be on Atheists Talk Radio on Sunday talking about life, the universe, and my really terrible book series. This is the first time I’ve had an opportunity to do anything like a formal book release with publicity, and I ain’t letting no damn head cold stop me!

(HUGE thank-you to the Atheists Talk folks for deciding I’m an atheist worth talking to!)

On top of being sick, they’re cutting down an enormous and dangerous tree on the property and have set up the woodchipper right outside my window, where it serenades me all day long. This has not been helping me sleep off sickness.

I’m now past the ZOMG-I’m-dying phase and into the hmm-food-apparently-does-have-flavor phase, but I have limited energy. So I’m afraid that blogging will have to take a backseat to editing and formatting this week. I’ll try to get our Escape post up, at least, and probably there will be another RTBS vol. 3 excerpt for Tier 2 members.

Meanwhile, head on over to Rosetta Stones and check out more magnificent Mount St. Helens photos and June’s Best o’ the Blogosphere, which has enough delicious content to keep you busy for the entire week. And I’ll be back next week with a new adventure! Suzanne is coming for a visit, and we are going to go annoy sea mammals at the Seattle Aquarium. I’ll have many adorable photos for you!

Image shows a tabby holding a piece of tissue paper up to its nose. Caption says *achoo*
Summer Cold Forces Tough Choices

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  1. rq

    Oh no!! Get well soon! Summer is the worst time to be sick because it always feels so wrong and seasonally inappropriate. :( *hugs* *tissues* *eucalyptus*

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