Intrepid Explorer Kitteh

Sorry for the spotty coverage, my darlings! It’s been a terribly fraught few days. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. A bunch of predators who’d been lurking in the shadows got outed by a lot of very courageous people.
  2. A lot of abusive assholes got caught up in the general atmosphere of “we’re not gonna take it anymore!”
  3. Aunty Flow arrived in the midst of this and is giving me one of the worst cycles in recent memory. I mean, I haven’t hurt this bad in years.
  4. I’ve been frantically applying for jobs.
  5. A friend messaged me out of the blue needing me to take them to detox. And while they chose a science-based program that refuses to have anything to do with AA or other 12-step nonsense, it’s still extremely hard to leave a person you care about on the doorstep of people who are going to lock them up for five or six days with absolutely no way of contacting you to let you know they’re okay, or to ask for assurance it’s going to be okay. I fucking HATE the way we do rehab and detox in this country.
  6. Moar predators got outed.
  7. Aunty decided to double-down on the whole “let’s kill Dana!” idea.
  8. And then, just as things were beginning to calm down and I was getting the last of the dust and cramps settled, Misha decided to go be Intrepid Explorer Kitteh.

There are so many problems with Number 8. I shall list them in bullet form:

  • She’s 22 years old.
  • She’s mostly blind
  • She’s pretty deaf
  • Her sense of smell is really poor
  • She’s arthritic
  • She wobbles when she walks
  • She’s super-skinny and has almost no muscle mass
  • Did I mention she’s twenty-two damn years old?!
  • She’s declawed in front (and she’s slower with the teeth and back legs than she used to be, poor old thing). (No, I will never have another cat declawed now that I know what it actually does to them.)
  • She’s probably not completely mentally sound anymore.

In short, the last thing this cat needs to do is go off on her own. Especially on a super-hot day. Especially when we’re on a bit of a greenbelt and there are wild animals and tough young toms around. Especially when one of the directions she likes to go in contains a through street. So yes, I flipped out. I ran around the place I don’t know how many times, poking into every cranny I could, shouting her name, getting followed around by Bobini (who thought this was all very interesting. He’s a curious fellow. He’s also no damn help when it comes to search-and-rescue, despite being just the right kind of cat to flush Misha out). I nearly died of heat stroke and cardiac arrest. Then, after having stomped all over the deck before doing another round of the house, I came back to find a little tuxedo face poking out from beneath the lower deck.

It was angry. It was covered in spider webs. And it was really pissed that Mommy was here to end all the fun.

I scooped her up, cuddled her to me, and took her growling ass down to the creek, where my bag and camera were. We had this photo op:

Image shows me sitting down, holding Misha in my lap, who has a huge cobweb over one eye that's long, dangling, and full of leafy debris. She's trying her best to escape my clutches and go back to her explorations.

And then I brought her ancient butt upstairs for some food and water whilst I restarted my heart.


Zeroth is writing up our Supernatural Summary for this week, but got behind a bit. That should be available tomorrow. I’ve got some stuff in the works that’s going to be difficult to cope with, but must be addressed. I’m hoping to have the first of those up tomorrow, along with our Escape post, which at least is pre-written and just needs typing. I’ll also have some good geology stuff coming on Rosetta Stones.

Thanks to my amazing readers, we’re covered on rent and pretty close to being able to cover food, car payment, and insurance for the month. If you can spare a bit, please donate to keep us going. That link explains the perks you get with your donation. Thank you, my darlings!

I’ll see you soon.

Intrepid Explorer Kitteh

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