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This cantina is a place for folks to hang out, ask questions, exchange information, share wonders, howl at injustices and nonsense, and spend time in excellent company. The more, the merrier!

I do like to keep my comment sections productive and fun for the regulars and myself. I moderate comments and am not shy about wielding the banhammer. Most people sail through moderation with no problems! But there are a few that founder on the reefs. If you’re new to the cantina, please take a moment to review the following before posting.

Here are the No Buenos:

PERSONAL ATTACKS. Ideas are fair game. People are not.

TROLLING. You know what trolling is. Don’t do it, unless you enjoy a good whack from the banhammer first thing in the morning.

THREATS, HARASSMENT, AND ADVOCATING VIOLENCE. Not acceptable. Could result in public shaming. Also may be reported to the appropriate law enforcement entity.

MISOGYNY. It’s not funny, charming, or convincing. It’s never acceptable in this cantina.

ENGAGING IN ISMS. Racism, sexism, ableism, and other such isms are likewise not welcome. Bigotry will get you banned.

FLAMING, DERAILING, JAQING OFF, AND OTHER SUCH TACTICS. If I think that’s where you’re headed, either based on your comment or your prior behavior here and/or elsewhere, you can go vent your spleen somewhere else.

BAD BEHAVIOR ELSEWHERE.  Slymepitters, MRAs, Gamergaters, and similar folk are welcome to vent their spleen elsewhere. They will be refused entry here. Even if their comment is sweet and civil, I will not have them here. Go away.

WHINING ABOUT MODERATION. I may take a long time getting your comment out of moderation purgatory. I am busy, and sometimes I forget to moderate for a few days. Sometimes, I have been putting up with too much bullshit to muck out, and give myself a break. Or I may have missed your comment. I may have decided it violates the cantina’s policies and acted accordingly. You can ask, nicely, once, about your comment, if you are worried. But whining, calling me names, and otherwise pestering me will get you banned. If that’s how you behave in moderation, I don’t believe you’ll be a good fit here.

SPAM. Spam comments will be deleted without mercy. Spam is linking to a website or post that has nothing to do with the topics addressed by this blog. Even if accompanied by shameless flattery, spam is still spam. Your spam will die. (How do you know whether your comment is spam? If you’re leaving a link because you think it will be relevant to our interests, and not because you are being paid to leave random links on random blogs, your comment probably is not spam. Hooray! Just note that comments with more than a few links trigger moderation and may take a while to be posted.)

 PROSELYTIZING. We happy heathens are bloody well sick of religious nonsense. Take it elsewhere. Proselytizers will be treated as spammers, and dealt with accordingly.

CREATIONISTS. You had better have some spectacular, never-before-seen argument complete with links to peer-reviewed papers published in reputable mainstream science journals that support your argument. Otherwise, I will laugh at you as I add you to the spam filter, and you wouldn’t want that.


***I reserve the right to publish all communications containing threats and/or ridiculous nonsense, in full, with complete identifying information.***

****People with a history of engaging in abusive behaviors seriously will not be allowed out of moderation. No, not even if you howl about your freeze peach. You have the whole rest of the internet, unless your general jackassery has gotten you banned from every comment section in the world. If that is the case, you may wish to sit quietly for an evening and contemplate what it is about you that is so very off-putting to literally everyone.****

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