Saying Hasta Luego to Boo and Pipa

N’s moving out today. Alas, I have not been able to talk him into letting his fur babies live with us, and so today’s the day we bid adieu to Pipa and Boo. I’m going to be spending quite a lot of today watching over the kiddos while their daddy moves his stuff. Then I have to say goodbye, which is going to leave me briefly shattered – I mean, I know I’ll see them again from time to time, but I’ll still miss having them around. Especially Boo, who has spent these last weeks upsetting Misha and snuggling with me.

Image shows Boo, a kitty with a white belly and a black mask and splotches, lying on her back while I rub her tummy.

I’ll miss taking Pipa out for walks, too. She was a great one for forcing me out of the house.

Image shows Pipa, a minature pinscher, standing in Aoife's lap and giving her a kiss on the nose while Aoife grins.
Pipa got along famously with Aoife. Aren’t they totes adorbs?!

But our new housemate C is bringing in two glorious new kitties, and so the void will be somewhat filled by new fuzzy faces.

I’m going to be hugely busy with helping the housemates, getting things together for my first session as a software testing consultant, and trying to finish up a few critical and time-consuming blog chores. Posting will be light until at least Tuesday. But by midweek, we’ll be going strong! This is a great time to remind everybody that tiered access starts this week. And since Misha and I are short on rent, if you’d like to get in on this early access awesomeness and can spare some cash, now would be a fantastic time to donate.

The good news is, I probably won’t have to pester you all for help for much longer. I’ve already landed one work-from-home gig doing the afore-mentioned software testing. It won’t be a lot of hours, but it is flexible and doesn’t require a commute, so that’ll be great. And hopefully by the end of the month, I’ll have a second job with some halfway-decent hours. Things should turn around for us soon.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us get this far. I’ll never be able to express how much you mean to me. But I can keep on providing at least three or four quality posts per week, plus fun and frivolous stuff, and hopefully that’ll go some little way towards saying ZOMG THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!

You’re the best!

See you soon.

(And no, I didn’t plan well. I meant to spend Saturday doing a lot of bloggy stuff so there’d be no break in posts. But Boo came and cuddled on the fuzzy blue blanket. She cuddled some more. And it hit me that this was the last full day of cuddles, and I couldn’t stop, and I ended up reading and cuddling Boo instead. Which means you’re going to get a book review of Ania’s new book later in the week, so it wasn’t all just cuddling a kitty and crying. PS: do not read Ania’s new book with the assumption you can read a chapter or so and then put it down. This is an incorrect assumption.)

Saying Hasta Luego to Boo and Pipa

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