What Kind of Perks Would You Like?


All righty. I’ve been working on various perks and extras I can offer to my dearly-beloved donors. I think I’ve got some fairly decent stuff going, but if you can think of additional perks, I’ll be glad to add them. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Tier 1 Early Access (under $25):

Folks who have donated less than $25 in the past few months will get early access to the following:

  1. Escape reviews
  2. Adventures in Christianist Earth Science Education posts.
  3. An ETEV exclusive early look at upcoming Rosetta Stones geology posts. (These will only be available on ETEV under password protection, not to be released here for at least one year. They’ll be on Rosetta Stones in about 30 days.)
  4. More perks to be determined.

Now, that’s not to say people who can’t donate won’t get to see this stuff. You’ll just have to wait a bit. I’m still deciding on the delay, but it won’t be any more than a month for most content.

Tier 2 Early Access plus Extras ($25 or more, or Patreon Subscriber):

This level includes all of the Tier 1 perks, plus

  • Access to original fiction by Dana Hunter (short stories, novellas, and possibly a novel or two)
  • Free PDF copies of books (limit 1 per person)
  • Exclusive discounts on items at Red Bubble and elsewhere.
  • Plus additional perks

So that’s what I’ve thought of to start. What else shall I offer? Please keep suggestions limited to things I can do or send over the internet, because I’m not going to have the funds to offer physical stuff unless you all get really excited and donate lots of cash monies. In that case, we can start talking about neato extras that you wouldn’t have to print out to have physically.

Image shows Buzz Lightyear standing beside Woody and holding out his arm towards something off-camera. Caption says, "Perks. Awesome perks everywhere."
Our donor perks program starts next week, so if you haven’t donated yet but want exclusive early access, donate now! You’ll be helping Misha and I survive, and getting a little something extra for your efforts!

Thank you so much to everyone who’s donated so far! Misha and I couldn’t make it without you, and we appreciate it so much.

What Kind of Perks Would You Like?