Mount St. Helens Calendar Prints – and Moar! – Now on Sale!

It being close to 2015 and all, I got to thinking about calendars. Perhaps, I realized, folks might actually want one. Maybe they need one for the fridge, or their desk, or similar. Maybe they’d like an inexpensive one to hang upon their wall. So I dug round some sites, and discovered that Cafe Press makes a quite lovely 11 x 17 inch print calendar, all nice and glossy and colorful, for cheap! I designed you one, and here ’tis:

Image shows a calendar. The top is an image of Mount St. Helens, covered in snow, from Johnston Ridge. There's a blowdown tree in the foreground. Below the image is a 2015 calendar.
Our lovely Mount St. Helens calendar.

Alas, they don’t let me download the whole image, so that’s a screenshot. The real deal will be much sharper and lovelier and look something like this up top:

Image shows the artwork for the top of the calendar.
The artwork.

How nice is that? If you like it, go get yourself one. Just don’t forget to choose 2015 from the dropdown! For some reason, they’re offering 2014 calendars as well.

Since shipping is free on orders of $45 or more, you might want to pick yourself up a few extras. There’s all of Cafe Press to choose from, of course, but I added a selection of posters, framed prints, magnets and mousepads, too. Check out the entire store and see what grabs your fancy! Or you can wait a bit, if you want a wide range of designs and products to choose from. I’ll be adding more here shortly.

If you have a favorite photo you’d like to see added to the available designs, or ideas for the kinds of products you’d like to see offered, please do let me know in comments! My entire mission is to make you wonderful things that you’ll love and cherish. Well, that and write you some awesome stuff, which I’m working on for ye.

Enjoy! And thank you!

Mount St. Helens Calendar Prints – and Moar! – Now on Sale!

3 thoughts on “Mount St. Helens Calendar Prints – and Moar! – Now on Sale!

  1. 1

    Cool! We drove by the mountain yesterday on I-5 but didn’t make the side trip as we were late and the weather was lousy. We’ll have to make a trip this summer.

    The Holy Schist made a hit with my wife. I believe I’ll get her a calendar as well!

  2. 2

    Nice shot, Dana. (I gotta poke around and see if there’s an option with traditional, tear-off months with a box for each day–I like writing on my calendars!)

    I think I was lucky enough to see the top of St Helens from my flight to Cali over the Xmas holiday. The blow-out shape of the crater was the give-away.
    Then coming home last night, there was enough light for Mt Shasta to be most impressive even in the deepest twilight–again, from my window seat.
    I think window seats will be my new first choice…aisles just ain’t all that!

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