How to Accommodate a Cat and a Laptop in One Lap

Step 1: Move the laptop to a spot beside your lap. Allow cat to establish ownership of both laptop and lap.

Image shows Misha sitting on my lap, getting ready to rub her cheek all over the laptop, which is on the bed beside us.

Step 2: Allow cat to lay down and flop tail all over keyboard, thus telling you that you still have not sacrificed enough lap to the cat.

Image shows Misha lying in my lap with her tail over the laptop's keyboard.

Step 3: Exile laptop to other side of lap. Type at awkward angle whilst cat chills.

Image shows Misha lying in my lap with her front paws stretched out comfortably. The laptop is to her left now, away from her tail.

(Silly hooman, you didn’t think the cat would allow you to keep your laptop in your lap, did you? Kittehs don’t share! What are you, some kind of dog owner or something?)

Step 4: Finally, muscles aching, set aside the laptop for a few moments. The cat will promptly lay upon it, ensuring there will be no more of this productivity nonsense.

Image shows Misha lying on the closed laptop.

Remember: you live to serve the kitteh. And all of your possessions are belong to her.

How to Accommodate a Cat and a Laptop in One Lap
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5 thoughts on “How to Accommodate a Cat and a Laptop in One Lap

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    We just got back from a holiday trip. It’s SO nice to be back with our babies!

    The catsitter had a couple of hours of panic on Saturday because one of them disappeared. She searched for two hours, gave up, then came back later and Kitty was waiting for dinner. Most likely was in a cupboard — she knows how to open the doors, then goes in and just sits there.

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    My kitties like the laptop in winter because its warm. I have to be quick about shutting the lid as soon as I move away or the page effects turn surreal. I worry about becoming the reluctant owner of super expensive doodads off ebay.

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