Ghost Mountain, Beach Rocks, and Puppy

I have some lovely scenes from Magnuson Park for ye, my darlings. Funny, because I almost didn’t.

Having spent the night dreaming I was released naked from a Middle Eastern prison and had to find adequate clothes to avoid sunburn*, and also being woken up what seemed like every few minutes by a cold cat looking for warms, then deciding she was warm enough and waking me again as she buggered off, I was exhausted. It was all I could do to stagger out of bed and fling myself into the chair on the patio in the sunshine. This is where I was when a certified miracle happened.

Image shows all three pets on the patio. Pipa is in the bottom center lying on a door mat; Misha is in the mid-upper right lying in the sun, and Boo is sitting in the upper left by the flower pots. All three are watching each other.
I, too, like to live dangerously.

Yep, that’s all three animals in the same space, and Misha isn’t trying to murder anyone. That’s mostly because they were being good and giving her space, and she’s too old and lazy to get up and attack anyone anymore.

We had a wonderful few hours whilst I read and they sunbathed. I get so much love from these kiddos, my darlings. Boo came and sat under my seat, which has fast become her accustomed spot. Misha wandered around in the sunbeams looking cute. Pipa lounged on her mat, then jumped up to give me a kiss before she went inside. All was peace and contentment until it was time for me to take Misha in. Her growling attracted Pipa’s attention, and I ended up having to lock her in her daddy’s room before hauling Misha in, so that I wouldn’t be murdered in transit by a cat trying to get through me to the dog. But still, progress. Alas, it will all be undone by Pipa being away for a month.

I took Pipa down to Magnuson Park, which I’d only ever seen in the dark before. It’s where we went for apocalyptic blood super moon mania. Today, it was bright sunshine and fields of flowers, and I had the opportunity to pose Pipa for some cute photos.

Image shows Pipa, a very adorable miniature Pinscher, sitting in front of a bunch of Queen Anne's lace, which is taller than she is. There are trees and blue sky behind her.
Pipa with Queen Anne’s Lace.

It’s hopeless, people. I’m getting attached to a dog. She even gave me a lick on the nose the other night, and I didn’t mind. She doesn’t give slobbery kisses, just wee not-wet ones. She doesn’t bark too much, or whine too much (except when she thinks we’re going for a walk), and she’s pretty laid back. As far as dogs go, she’s enough of a cat to pass muster with the bits of my brain that go gushy over cute little animals. And she’s much fun to ramble with.

She doesn’t even try to attack ducks, so I was able to get this photo.

Image shows a male Mallard duck lying in the grass, facing toward the bottom right corner of the photo. Beside him, a female mallard is standing, leaning away from him, and looks like she's giving him the side-eye.
This photo begs for a caption.

It’s the way that the female mallard looks like she’s leaning away and giving her mate side-eye that begs for a caption contest. I present this photo for your captioning pleasure. And, of course, if you wish to meme it, you may filch it for those purposes.

Then it was on to the beach rocks! Of course, dogs aren’t allowed on Seattle beaches, so Pipa had to hang back while I got you the beach rocks photo. She’s really good at finding things to sniff, though, so she kept herself happily occupied while I got down and took some water-level shots.

Image shows a wave beginning to break in the background, with the left half already folded over. In the foreground are several brown, beige, and gray beach rocks, wet and glistening in the sun.
Wave breaking over beach rocks.

I’m pretty sure the rocks here are imported elsewhere. They’re at least an inch or two long, and seem way too big for the waves along this stretch of shoreline. But they’re still lovely!

Thin, high clouds were coming in, so Mount Rainier is a ghost mountain in all my photos.

Image shows a bit of Lake Washington, the low rolling wooded hills on the opposite shore, and Mount Rainier barely visible against the thin white clouds in the distance.
Ghost Mountain.

Ghost mountain is appropriate, because as iconic as that profile is, it won’t last. Volcanoes are volatile. They may not change much for a generation or few, but eventually, something dramatic happens, and they are never the same again. Perhaps in my lifetime, I’ll be superimposing the new profile over this ghostly image.

I know nothing about Magnuson Park, and it’s bloody huge, so Pipa and I took off exploring for quite some time. We still haven’t seen more than a wee fraction of it. But we did stumble across the art installation that uses a bunch of submarine fins.

Image shows a black length of metal down the right side of the photo. Beyond, more black submarine fins rise from the ground. Trees form a background. The sun is gleaming along the spine of one of the fins.
“The Fin Project.” Art installation by John T. Young. This is just a tiny fraction of it.

It looks like a neato project, and was supported by lots of scientific institutions, so I’ll have to get some artsier photos of it and do up a proper post someday. I may bring Amanda Reese there for that – she’d be able to do these fins justice.

We headed up a hill, and stumbled upon our second miracle of the day.

Image shows some whispy clouds. One is sort of oblong, and has wavy tentacles coming off the top. It looks a bit like an upside-down Flying Spaghetti Monster.
FSM must’ve had quite a night!

Seriously, though, doesn’t that look like the Flying Spaghetti Monster upside-down? Behold his noodly appendages waving blessings upon us while lying on his back recovering from a celestial bender!

At the top of the hill, Pipa got another photo op, this time with Queen Anne’s Lace and purple clover flowers.

Pipa is sitting in bright sunshine with Queen Anne's Lace and purple clover behind her.

Isn’t she lovely? And she’s so patient. I need to remember to bring treats next time we get to do this. Which won’t be until November because her daddy’s going on tour. *sob*

While we were up there, we got to see a butterfly kite.

Image shows a red butterfly kite with streamers dangling from its hind wings.

Isn’t that magnificent?

Afters, we wandered back through the wetlands (which, alas, were rather dry) to the car, and went home. It was our first outing at a park, and I hope there will be many more when she gets back this November.

I’d have something of more substance for you today, but it was the last of our sunshine for a bit, and I tired myself right out taking advantage of it. Even after a nap, I can barely brain. And I have to finish Really Terrible Bible Stories vol. 2 this week, so the last of my brain power is on reserve for it. Tomorrow, I have B in the early afternoon and a going-away dinner I’m cooking for Pipa’s daddy, so I won’t have time to do Mount St. Helens photos yet. But I’ve got AiCESE ready to go for ye. And with all the rain in our forecast, I’ll not be wandering off as much!


*I have no idea where that dream came from, or why everyone in the market was so chill with me running around in the nude. Dreams are funky, people.

Ghost Mountain, Beach Rocks, and Puppy

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    Actually, one of the biggest off-leash dog areas is at Magnusson, and at the end of the path is a bit of beach where the dogs are in fact allowed to frolic!

    But I believe that is the sole exception.
    So, thanks for keeping Miss Pipa on her lead and off the people-beaches.

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