Here’s Where to Find Me on Social Media

‘Tis the age of social media, indeed. I post a lot of random stuff to random places. Some of you may even want to follow me here, there, and maybe not everywhere, but at least at the places you frequent. So here is a convenient list for you! I’ve made it into a Page, which you can bookmark if you wish – I’ll keep it updated with any newfangled social media thing I get sucked in to.

If you’ve got suggestions for what you’d like me to post here, there, and everywhere, please do leave them in comments! I’m one of those old farts who started school when they still mimeographed worksheets, and personal computers were clunky chunks of thick plastic with monochrome screens that cost a fortune. You young people and early adopters can guide me aright.

Image is me leaning on the nickel-iron meteorite in the visitor's center at Meteor Crater.
Moi with awesome AZ meteorite.
Image shows me standing in front of a bunch of basalt at Dee Wright Volcano Observatory.
Moi at Dee Wright Observatory.


Blog feeds, links to posts and articles I’ve found fascinating, and random outbursts.


Blog feeds, the occasional reshare, and Facebook sort o’ stuff.

Google + – Personal

Selected posts, funny photos of Misha, occasional Greek Yogurt Geology, and other scenes from Dana’s life.

Google+ – Dana Hunter’s Schist

Blog and YouTube feed. Get all the cute animal videos first! And there’ll be plenty more to come.

Image shows me standing in front of Crater Lake. A bit of Wizard Island is visible to my right.
Moi at Crater Lake
Image shows me standing in front of a sedimentary formation, pointing at the basalt contact overhead.
Moi pointing to the contact between earth and fire at Seal Rock.


Subscribe to my channel to see my nature, wildlife, and geology videos before they appear on my blogs.


Blog feed, plus new product announcements,occasional outtakes not available anywhere else, and more!

Oh, and if you’re going shopping, all of my stores are listed here. There’s some pretty gneiss schist there!

Here’s Where to Find Me on Social Media

5 thoughts on “Here’s Where to Find Me on Social Media

  1. 2

    I don’t Twitt. Nor is my face a book. I do, however, have a G+ account, because Google thought I should even if I don’t. I shall have to go there.

  2. 4

    I discovered yesterday that I had created a Google “Story” called “Sunday Afternoon in Kingston”, by Bob Trebuchet. It turned up on my phone, my wife’s phone, and this computer. All I thought I was doing was taking pictures of a bunch of Model A’s at a ferry dock.

    The reason I originally got forced to sign up was that Google Maps depicted my driveway as a public road and there was no other way to get them to correct it.

  3. rq

    Husband just discovered the same issue with his hpone (the pictures), with photos automatically going to the G+ and other apps publishing directly to Facebook. Which he found out only afterwards (he only logs into the FB about once a week). I can’t remember if he managed to turn that function off, but either way… ‘annoying’ is a mild descriptor for this.

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