I Gotcher U-Shaped Valley anna Plane Right Here!

Did you see the valley? If you did, yay, good for you! If not, no worries! Here’s another chance, and it has also got a tiny plane you can look for:

Image shows a portion of the Cascade Mountains from Lord Hill. There is a u-shaped valley in the center. A tiny plane is barely visible to the right.
Cascades with Glacier Valley and Plane

And here is our glacial valley with the tiny plane right inside it. Although not really inside. The plane is in the broad structural valley between Lord Hill (upon which we are standing) and the Cascades.

Image shows the valley with the plane flying right at the base of it.
Valley n plane.

And here is an annotated version, because the plane is a tiny speck and there’s enough haze in the air that seeing the valley can be a problem if you don’t have an eye for weak contrasts.

Cropped image of the above, with the valley drawn and labeled in green, and the plane has a blue arrow pointing to it.
Valley n plane annotated.

It was slightly foggy that day, so the air isn’t completely clear like we wanted.

So there you are! A nice view of a glacially-carved valley. At least, that’s how it looks from Lord Hill. I think I even know which valley it is, but one of you lot who is really good at recognizing individual mountains might want to help me out here, because for some reason, I am terrible at that. If it is what I’m thinking, I won’t be driving up there until I’m reasonably sure there won’t be any landslides.

I Gotcher U-Shaped Valley anna Plane Right Here!

3 thoughts on “I Gotcher U-Shaped Valley anna Plane Right Here!

  1. rq

    The original valley, as it happens, looks a lot like ‘404 Page Not Found’, which doesn’t much sound like a geological phenomenon. Linky broken, or is it the computer?
    But that’s a fine plane indeed. Looks like a good location for a small village in Fantasyland. The haven in the mountains, or some such!

  2. 2

    Link works for me. It’s just yesterday’s post anyhow.

    I was hoping that might be Glacier Peak peeking out on the left, but I don’t think it looks quite right.

    Peeking Peak! I slay me! Now I just need to get “pique” into it.

  3. rq

    Ah, no, when I originally commented, there was no previous post. :) But all has been fixed now.
    It was a strange short-lived wrinkle in time.

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