Currently Ill. Back Soon!

I’m so sorry, my darlings, but my body has gone into full rebellion. First, Aunty Flow showed up, then I developed what’s probably a kidney infection. Alas, of course, it didn’t make its wretched self obvious until after every Urgent Care clinic closed. Sigh. B is a complete angel and rushed over with necessary drugs and fluids, so I’m feeling much better and the fever’s going down. If it’s still a thing in the morning, or worsens unexpectedly, he’ll whisk me off to brave the indignities of the American health care system. Whee.

I’ll be posting again ASAP, but it might take a few days. Apologies to those who are languishing in moderation – I am definitely not up for admin duties, but hopefully tomorrow! I’m now going to drink a gallon of green tea and pass out.

Gray kitten in scrubs walking toward right, caption says, "Dr. Tinycat to the OR, STAT!"



Currently Ill. Back Soon!
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13 thoughts on “Currently Ill. Back Soon!

  1. 1

    I so hope you get well soon. When I saw the title, of your message, I thought you had travelled to my home state of ILL inois. I was going to invite you to examine the stratum of Starved Rock.

  2. rq

    Aw, no! Warm liquids, bed rest, all the drugs you need, and hugs from B! This is my prescription! And some kitties. :) Get well soon!!

  3. 4

    I had a friend in college who was both Jewish and Irish: her panacea was chicken soup laced with whiskey. She swore by it, you may want to give it a try. In any case, I hope you are feeling better soon.

  4. 6

    Don’t worry about writing for us. We can wait…probably…I hope…possibly…maybe…do withdrawal symptoms include intense tremors, blinding headaches and sweating?

    Seriously, get better soon.

  5. 7

    Oh, I’m so sorry!
    Hope you get better fast. Do take care, and All Props to Teh Completely Angelic B.

    and because this is Dana’s blog…

    Can I just wish everyone a “happy” 25th Anniversary of the Loma Prieta ‘quake of 1989, hmmmmm? The one that hit just as a World Series game was starting in Oakland, CA? (how did I ever get this old? how was I ever _that_ young?!)

    Yeah, that was more than enough practical geology ‘n’ plate tectonics to last me quite awhile!
    We were guessing the magnitude of aftershocks for days/weeks afterwards…”whaddaya think…4? 3.8-ish?”

  6. 10

    Take care, Dana! A kidney infection is just awful; thankyou Science, for antibiotics! Take all the nasty wonder drugs, stay cozy, and we’ll see you when you’re better.

  7. 12

    Don’t forget the heating pad. Long after she has kicked me to the curb an ex still tells me how much she loves the pad I got her. Everything I did, good and bad, and she mainly remembers me for a $15 heat pad.


    At least it is a warm memory.

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