What Should I Drink for the Nye Smoked Ham Event?

Tonight, after some nice Indian food and some chill time with a friend or two, I’m going to install myself in my workspace, clamp headphones over my ears, and attempt to get through as much of the Nye-Ham debate as I can. Most reports I’ve read say Nye did very well. But the bits I managed to catch on breaks at work were all Ham, and less than half an hour of him had me wanting to extract my brain with an icepick in order to make the pain stop. I’m not sure Nye wasn’t feeling much the same.

Image shows Bill Nye looking sternly at Ken Ham during their debate. The caption says, "Say historical science one more time."
Bill Looks a bit fed up. What say you?

But I am determined to thoroughly fisk this debate. It is my sworn duty as a science blogger taking apart Christianist textbooks.

In order to survive this, I will probably need something to dull the pain. Suggestions?

Image shows a white and gray kitty sitting in front of store shelves stocked with alcohol.  Caption reads "Liquor store cat wants to card you."

What Should I Drink for the Nye Smoked Ham Event?
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17 thoughts on “What Should I Drink for the Nye Smoked Ham Event?

  1. 2

    hmmm, isn’t a healthy swig of the most awful rotgut available de rigueur before painful experiences?

    I’d suggest a nice red wine so you can get happily toasted slowly.

  2. 7

    Thoroughly fisking a gish gallop is pointless. Simply explain the lies Ham told and then show how those were self-aware lies and not just ignorance. Then there’s no point in dealing with the lies in detail – he knows he’s a liar and his debating ‘technique’ shows it. Meanwhile, Nye – from what I can tell – stuck to what he understands as truth. Otherwise, do we need to deal with the detailed lies of a mountebank?

  3. 8

    Normally, I would recommend a pinot noir with ham, as most reds can be rather overpowering. That said, Ham leaves a pretty sour aftertaste, so a good port might be just the thing for refreshing your palate. Or just go for the hard spirits and pour some brandy: life is always mellow if you have a glass of warm brandy on hand.

  4. 9

    Normally, I would recommend a pinot noir with ham

    Plan B is always quantity over quality. Which, as Stalin said, has a quality all of its own. 2-3 bottles of cheap red are going to do a lot to help you forget everything! Including the first 2 bottles!

  5. rq

    Bascially, all of the above – make yourself a nice cocktail, sit back, and black out. It’s not like you’ll be missing much. ;)

  6. 11

    some nice Indian food

    So what did you have? Buffalo burgers and succotash? Or a venison and potato pot roast? An old-fashioned clam bake with fresh clams and roasted corn is always good.

  7. 14

    Help! I have just downloaded the debate, all 1489770208 bytes of it. I have just listened to a few seconds of it. Ham seems to be about to re-define science. I just can’t stand any more of it.

  8. 15

    I watch a little of the “debate”. I almost destroyed my keyboard with spewed coffee when Ham showed the YEC astronomer saying that he had seen nothing in astronomy pointing to an old universe.

    ‘Scuse me. Nothing? What did he do? Clinch his eyes shut and bury his head in the sand?

  9. 16

    May be a little to late, but forget the soft stuff…… from personal experience (after watching) Oxycontin, Heroin, Methadone, and if you really want to forget totally…..physical damage to the hippocampus. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go clamp my head into the drill-press vice and get to work on that pesky hippocampus thingy.
    Back in a bit …..maybe….


  10. 17

    Mobius: He had his head buried in something but I don’t think it was sand. Seriously though, when Pat Robertson is basically saying you’re full of shit your game is in need of a major upgrade.

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