O, Computer Geeks, May I Request Your Wisdom?

I’m emerging from my sickbed – well, sickchair – for a moment to request a favor from the computer geeks in the audience. Does anyone know of a simple and preferably free way to set up your television as a dual monitor? I’ve got me HDMI cable, and I’m happily playing content through the PC, but I’d like to have video playing on the teevee whilst still being able to work on the machine. Right now, what I see on the PC screen is what I see on the teevee. This makes working whilst streaming movies difficult.

I’m sure this is simple, but I’m rather muddled at the moment and don’t trust myself not to fuck it up without expert guidance. Thanks in advance!

In other news, I’ve taken this unexpected absence to discover the joys of nasal spray and contemplate the invention of a cuisine based on texture and sensation rather than taste. It’s been very exciting. Wish you were here! You would be greatly amused.

I think I just managed to sort-of smell an English muffin, and I might have detected one out of the forty or so spices in the chili soup, so I’m off for what promises to be a somewhat lively lunch. I’ll be back soon with actual, y’know, content. Just you wait ’til you see what I’ve got for the Sunday Song. You’ll never be the same again…

O, Computer Geeks, May I Request Your Wisdom?
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15 thoughts on “O, Computer Geeks, May I Request Your Wisdom?

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    You can either do it through your graphics card driver or Windows. The driver settings depend on whether you have an Nvidia or ATI card. But both have pretty straightforward menus.

    For Windows it’s in Control Panel -> Display. And then wherever you adjust your resolution (again depends on the Windows version). Right now your screen is set to cloning. You want to set it to extend your desktop.

    Google is your friend here:

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    I’m organizing photos from the summer’s adventures – and watching Scarecrow and Mrs. King. Cheesy 1980s spy comedy. Look, Kate Jackson reminds me of my mother and I used to crush on Bruce Boxleitner. Also, it doesn’t require much brain power to enjoy.

    Don’t judge me.

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    Hold the windows key and hit p to toggle quickly. It goes at least back to XP, where it just does its thing, and in win7 a graphic shows up showing you what you’re choosing between duplicate, extended, and either display alone.

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    Entirely off-topic, but since your computer problem is solved:

    Your hurling record is no more. We got an official 514 feet at Burlington today, and an unofficial 564 yesterday when we weren’t hurling into the wind. Now you’ll have to come back and do it again next year.

    And for thebobs, who commented in the previous thread: Squash-O-Fire was once again done in by no-score throws, several out-of-bounds and at least one misfire. The grand champion, again, was Gourdinator!

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    Too tired to get pix or video off the phone tonight! I’ll see what I can do tomorrow and let you know. See you next year, maybe!

    The secret to the extra range, by the way, is…tiny pumpkins.

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