This Is Why I'm So Damned Proud to Blog Here

I told you recently about The Conversation. It’s still ongoing, despite attempts to derail it by some folks who just can’t quite seem to understand why sexual harassment is not okay, and that putting policies in place to ensure harassment is handled quickly and appropriately are not, in fact, going to to turn the skeptical and atheist movements into the Taliban. It’s ongoing despite the fact that people who should know better seem to believe discussing these problems is the problem, not the problems themselves. (If that kind of blame-the-messenger syndrome reminds you a little of the Bush regime’s attempts to sweep problems under the rug by attacking the people who mentioned problems instead of solving the actual problems themselves, you are not alone.)

Despite all of the folks who just can’t quite seem to understand that harassment is a real issue, that it’s bad, and that steps need to be taken to reduce it, whilst still ensuring people get to have fun and be flirty if with other people who also want to be fun and flirty, The Conversation is resulting in some real progress.

The Conversation is moving forward.

And it’s moving in large part because so many of the people who blog here at FreethoughtBlogs are ensuring it doesn’t stop.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to mention how much I love the folks I blog alongside of, and how very proud of them I am. This conversation isn’t easy. But they’re keeping it going, and because of them and other hard-working people who know The Conversation is worth having, conventions will be a hell of a lot safer and happier for everybody, abusers excepted.

You guys are amazing.


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ETEV has, so far, had nothing but good people having good talks in the threads, even when disagreements spring up. And I want to thank my regulars and my newbies, who have all ensured that the discussions we have are thoughtful, productive, and quite often fun. You, my darlings, are the best!)

This Is Why I'm So Damned Proud to Blog Here
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7 thoughts on “This Is Why I'm So Damned Proud to Blog Here

  1. 3

    So this is my first post here, and it is a combative one, but I really hope to phrase it in an acceptable way:

    Crip Dyke, MQ,…..:PLEASE, can you NOT refer to comment boards as “the trenches”. It is incredibly demeaning to those who have literally fought in literal trenches with the literal possibility of being literally killed.

    I’ will leave it there for now in the hope that I get published and that people think about that message carefully.

  2. 7

    Being a woman is being in the trenches. It’s not a battle though, it’s out and out war.

    I’m a disabled, fully-out dyke, of low socioeconomic status. I’m fighting for my life on a daily basis, and it won’t stop until the kyriarchy kills me.

    My trench is no more than a shallow rut in the ground, devoid of cover and protection. It’s scary out here, we didn’t volunteer, we were conscripted from birth.

    Don’t presume to tell us that we’re appropriating your experiences, as if this was some theoretical exercise.

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