Horrifying Thought


Asked Wednesday whether she still believed that Mr. Stevens should resign, Ms. Palin was circumspect, saying only that the people of Alaska “just spoke” on the issue at the ballot box and that “they want him as their senator.” She said Mr. Stevens should decide “what happens next.” (Mr. Stevens could still be forced to step down, and Ms. Palin is widely viewed as a potential candidate for his seat if he does.) [emphasis added]

You know something? If those are the choices – a convicted felon and Sarah Palin – I’d rather have the felon. At least Stevens is merely a corrupt fucking bastard rather than a batshit insane, lying, scheming, stealing, power-abusing, dead-ignorant, frothing fundie fucktard.

Could this be a gambit to ensure Stevens retains his seat?

Horrifying Thought
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2 thoughts on “Horrifying Thought

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    Oh, I don’t know if it would be all that bad for her to be a senator. She’d be prone to filibuster stuff she didn’t like, which would mean hours and hours of her unfiltered batshittery on the record for all to enjoy. She could single-handedly destroy the cause of hiding the dominionist agenda. In a country that just went blue-er.

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    I think it would be useful to see and hear Palin and Michelle Bachmann unleashed and fully giving vent to their christianist agenda. They (and others) are the ideological children of Phyllis Schlafly.

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