Friday Favorite Funny Political Videos

This week has been an absolute treasure trove of political wit. Kick back, pour your favorite beverage, and enjoy!

We begin with an important Public Service Announcement. Just as it’s important for parents to talk to their kids about the dangers of drugs, it’s vital that kids talk to their parents about the dangers of McCain:

A McCain-Free America starts at home.

Recently, 20/20 aired a program odiously questioning whether young people should vote. After cherry-picking responses to maximize the appearance of youth ignorance, John Stossel in his infinite determined that young adults are just too dumb to vote and should stay home.

Note to John Stossel: it might be best not to go there, lest ye be PWND:

Stossel should be sentenced to weeks of having to watch that one on a loop.

I know the economy’s been much on our minds lately. It’s all because of the Pirates of Wall Street:

Aye, I’ll drink to that!

McCain’s private diary found its way onto YouTube. If you ever wanted to know how he really feels about Sarah Palin, wonder no more:

Just as I suspected.

And, finally, let us be under no illusions as to what John Cleese thinks of Sarah Palin:

He’s so right. So blazingly, scathingly, hilariously right. I have loved this man since high school. Every year, I love him a little more.

I’d like to raise a toast to our fucked-up political landscape, which has proven such a rich source of material for satire, parody and snark. Cheers!

Friday Favorite Funny Political Videos

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    Stossel's a moron by just about any measure I can think of. The C & L article had it about right there. If Stossel wants to keep the young from voting, maybe he should sign up to replace some 19 year-old kid in Iraq.I was 18 about the time "old enough to fight, old enough to vote" was a slogan. Being barely too young to have been sent to Vietnam, it has a lot of meaning for me still. You don't get to send a portion of the population that can't answer back to fight your wars for you. That's a recipe for a perpetual version of the sort of misadventure we're seeing in Iraq now.

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