In a rage

When I reach a certain point of anger, I lose it. I don’t lash out. I don’t scream out in a rage.

I cry.

And I’m crying right now.

Earlier I wrote about the gang of 12 people who brutally beat a gay couple in Philadelphia, PA.  Now I’ve learned that the bigots are claiming self-defense.  Self-fucking-defense:

Sources tell Action News that the persons of interest are claiming an incident in Center City Philadelphia, characterized as a hate crime attack on a gay couple, was a mutual fight.

The two victims suffered serious facial injuries. They claim they were targeted for being homosexual and savagely beaten.

Sources say there was some kind of contact between a group of up to 12 people and the couple. The alleged assailants says someone in their group used a homophobic slur, sources tell us.

However, sources say, the alleged assailants said the remark led to a mutual fight – with one of the gay men as the initial aggressor.

Elsewhere, I said this:

It’s not enough that a gang of 12 post Catholic High School grads beat a gay couple who were out for pizza.
It’s not enough that one of the men was beaten so badly that he has his jaw wired shut and will have to drink from a straw for several months.
It’s not enough that one of the men saw his partner hit the ground-hard-and was fearful that he’d been killed.

No, now those fucking fuckers have the goddamned audacity to motherfucking claim they were acting in goddamn SELF DEFENSE??!

I’m fucking livid right now. I’m crying. This shit pushes every one of my buttons. Fucking bigotry. This is the kind of shit that religious beliefs help support.

Goddamit! Just out for pizza and their lives were changed.
Just out for pizza, enjoying each others’ company.
6 years together and they just wanted some dinner. Fucking scumbags changed the course of these men’s lives.

I can’t even…
Fuck. Sometimes I hate humanity.

In a rage
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4 thoughts on “In a rage

  1. 2

    Thank you Anne. It’s subsiding, but damn. That rush of rage was really intense, especially since it was coupled with such helplessness.

  2. 3

    This is shocking…. horribly shocking.
    Even if one of the victims was the first to be physically aggressive (which I am in no way ready to believe merely on the words of hateful, disgusting bigots), self defense has to be within reason. Once a person is out of danger, they cannot continue to harm an assailant and still call it self defense. 12 against 2 could have easily escaped or restrained their supposed attackers. I don’t think it’s even possible to beat someone that severely in self defense. I hope these fucking pieces of human shit don’t get away with this because of systemic bigotry.

    Best wishes to the victims….

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