That. Is. So. Cool.

You know how you come across an image and your jaw drops?  That happens almost every time I visit This Is Colossal and it happened again today:

One of six astronauts currently on board the International Space Station, geophysicist Alexander Gerst spends much of his free time staring out the window as the world zooms by 205 miles below, camera in-hand. Since arriving at the ISS in June of this year Gerst has taken tons of photographs that document hurricanes, floods, dust storms, and oil fields.

One of his favorite things to shoot are the shadows cast by clouds, something that appears surprisingly dramatic from space. Dense cloud formations can create long shadows that stretch for thousands of miles across the Earth’s surface as they eventually disappear into a black horizon. You can see new photos from Gerst daily on Twitter. (viaStellar)

These two are my absolute favorites, with the first being the one that caused my jaw to drop.  Can you imagine being in orbit around the Earth and viewing the clouds like this? It gives me the chills thinking about it.



These are cut *paper* illustrations???

Wow.  No other words. Just wow.

Head on over to This Is Colossal for more of artist Maude White’s amazing work (or check out her site here)




Niagara Falls: An Aerial Flyover


Earlier this month YouTube user questpact sent his DJI Phantom quad-copter and GoPro Hero 3 over the top of Niagara Falls to capture this pretty spectacular footage.




Damien Walters- Parkour Expert Extraordinaire


I’ve had cats all my life, and even though I love dogs too, I’ll always have a place in my heart for cats.  I would love to have a room for cats like this:

Go take a look at My Modern Metropolis for more images.

That. Is. So. Cool.